Buying a new bike is an exciting time. But when you buy a bike, you’re not getting the whole package. You will have to buy a helmet, jacket, gloves and boots at the very least. Many people forget about these crucial things. 

You’ll also likely have to buy protection for your bike and possibly even some maintenance equipment. All in all, it’s essential to get these few items sorted before you start clocking up those miles on your new sports bike.

There are many accessories on the market to make your ride more comfortable and provide new features. Or just to make your motorcycle unique. 


One thing you may want to consider when buying accessories is where they will come from customizers like TBR are not as widely known.But they’re certainly worth considering.

You’ve just invested in a high-performance motorcycle like the Yamaha R7 has much appeal. It comes from a well-known brand and can also be equipped with optional accessories. However, even if you want to add some flair to your bike’s look, you must never sacrifice safety.

Frame slider

The first accessory that you want to get sorted are the frame sliders. The Yamaha R7 comes with many sharp edges and components. Which can all be potential hazards once you ride it out of the showroom. 

TBR’s SLS Frame Sliders come with TBR’s Shock Absorber System (SAS). Or Protection Bars as it calls them. 


Have shock dampening and a low friction finish at the end to help soften any hard impacts your motorbike may have with the road or any other objects that may come in its way. The kit arrives at $ 270 USD (€ 238).

License plate holder

The next in line is the license plate holder. And mounting accessories can be a challenge.Even when you know what you are doing. 

And in the case of tricking out your Yamaha R7 or MT-07 with new lighting and accessories. The number of options quickly becomes overwhelming.


In the interest of simplification, we decided to stick to the basics here.A tail tidy and license plate holder that seems to be holding up quite well after a season of riding around here. The license plate holder arrives at EUR 127.60 (145 USD).

And these two products get two year warranty.

via Top Block Racing

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