Cybertruck castings at Gigafactory Texas

Tesla is gearing up for the much-anticipated Cybertruck launch. Recent activities at the Gigafactory Texas give us a clear hint: production is on the horizon. Over the past few months, the company has unveiled early-stage validation, conducted public road testing, undergone crash assessments, and showcased some of the best-built Cybertruck prototypes.

There are several key takeaways and potential implications:

  • Near-Term Production: The evidence from various sources indicates that Tesla’s Cybertruck production is imminent. The presence of substantial Cybertruck castings at Gigafactory Texas and the recent public-road testing of release candidate Cybertrucks are strong indications of this.
  • Refined Manufacturing: Tesla appears to be refining its manufacturing processes, which could be a sign that the company is ensuring that production goes smoothly and that the end products meet high-quality standards.
  • Rapid Production Ramp-Up: The large number of stored castings suggests that Tesla is not just looking to start production but is also preparing for a rapid ramp-up in manufacturing. This could allow Tesla to quickly address its massive reservation backlog.
  • EPA Approval: If production is as close as it appears, EPA approval for deliveries could indeed be on the horizon. Once this approval is granted, Tesla can begin deliveries to customers.
  • Impact on 2023 Goals: With a reported miss in Q3, Tesla will be under pressure to meet its annual delivery goal. The commencement of Cybertruck deliveries could play a crucial role in helping Tesla achieve its target, especially considering the large number of reservations and the anticipated demand for the truck.
  • Two Million Reservations: The fact that there are two million reservations for the Cybertruck underscores the significant demand and interest in the product. If Tesla can successfully ramp up production and begin deliveries, it could further solidify its position in the EV market and potentially capture a significant portion of the electric truck market.
  • Public Perception: Successful and timely Cybertruck production and delivery could be a major boost for Tesla’s public perception. Meeting promised timelines and delivering a product that lives up to the hype can enhance brand loyalty and trust among consumers.


All signs point to an impending production start for the Tesla Cybertruck. If Tesla can navigate the production ramp-up smoothly and start deliveries soon, it could have significant positive implications for the company’s 2023 delivery goals and overall market standing. As with any such launch, execution will be key, and the next few months will be crucial for Tesla and the Cybertruck’s journey.

In light of the recent evidence from Gigafactory Texas, Tesla’s Cybertruck production is undeniably around the corner. The company’s aggressive preparation, from road tests to accumulating massive castings, showcases its commitment to fulfilling the overwhelming two million reservations.


As Tesla gears up to meet its 2023 delivery target, the anticipation surrounding the Cybertruck’s launch is palpable. The upcoming months will be pivotal, not just for Tesla, but for the EV industry as a whole, as we eagerly await the arrival of this groundbreaking electric truck on the roads.


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