TVS Motor Company and BMW Motorrad Celebrate A Decade of Partnership with 150,000th Motorcycle Roll-Out

TVS Motor Company and BMW Motorrad have celebrated a significant milestone of producing 150,000 units of BMW Motorrad’s 310cc series of motorcycles. This remarkable achievement is a testament to their ten-year-long partnership, highlighting their commitment and collaboration over the years.

Here are some key takeaways from your summary:

  • TVS Motor Company and BMW Motorrad have been partners for 10 years, and they have jointly developed and launched five iconic motorcycles.
  • The two companies share values of innovation, quality, customer delight, and engineering prowess.
  • They are committed to delivering superior customer experiences and providing support and a strong service network.
  • They are also working together to develop more sustainable mobility solutions.

The historic motorcycle was unveiled at TVS Motor’s state-of-the-art Hosur facility, with Mr. KN Radhakrishnan, Director & CEO of TVS Motor Company, and Dr. Markus Schramm, Head of BMW Motorrad, present to grace the occasion.


Adding to the celebratory atmosphere, the production of the BMW CE 02, an innovative electric vehicle, has commenced at the Hosur manufacturing plant.

Mr. KN Radhakrishnan

Mr. KN Radhakrishnan expressed his enthusiasm about their decade-long collaboration, emphasizing mutual values like innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. He highlighted the five exceptional products they’ve birthed in the 310cc series and announced the beginning of production for the BMW CE 02.

On the other hand, Markus Schramm shared how their decade-long collaboration has grown into a phenomenal success story. He mentioned the popularity of the BMW G 310 R and BMW G 310 GS and expressed his eagerness about their joint venture in producing the BMW CE 02.

TVS Motor Company

Over the past ten years, this partnership has given birth to iconic motorcycles, such as the BMW G310 R, BMW 310 GS, and BMW G310 RR. TVS Motor Company has also launched its premier motorcycles, the TVS Apache RR 310 and the latest TVS Apache RTR 310, under this collaboration. The alliance has facilitated a technological exchange, enriching its products with innovations in engine technology, chassis design, and safety features.

Further emphasizing their commitment to sustainability, both TVS Motor and BMW Motorrad have pledged to develop more eco-friendly mobility solutions. The BMW CE 02 stands as a testament to this promise, with TVS Motor playing a pivotal role in its design, development, quality assurance, supply chain management, and industrialization.

This enduring partnership between TVS Motor Company and BMW Motorrad signals a promising future for motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide. Their shared values, innovative spirit, and commitment to sustainability ensure they will continue to push boundaries in the two-wheeler segment.


The collaboration between TVS Motor Company and BMW Motorrad has not only achieved significant production milestones but has also become a beacon of innovation and sustainable growth in the motorcycle industry. The roll-out of the 150,000th unit of the 310cc series and the introduction of the BMW CE 02 symbolize a decade of joint endeavours, shared values, and technological exchange.

As the two companies continue to intertwine their expertise, they reaffirm their commitment to bringing forward advanced, sustainable, and customer-centric mobility solutions. The future looks bright as they ride together, challenging the limits of two-wheeled transportation.


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