Tesla’s Cybertruck

Key Points

  • Tesla is holding a random drawing for the upcoming Cybertruck delivery event on November 30, 2023.
  • Some people have joked that the drawing is not truly random and that it will be filled with influencers.
  • Tesla’s Head of Investor Relations, Martin Viecha, has responded to these concerns, stating that the drawing is fair and that anyone can win.
  • Viecha also explained that influencers are often present at Tesla events because they use referral credits or attend as someone else’s +1.
  • The Cybertruck has been eagerly anticipated since its unveiling in 2019, and it will be interesting to see how close the production model is to the original prototype.

Fairness and Equality

Tesla’s approach to the Cybertruck delivery event, as explained by Martin Viecha, highlights the company’s effort to ensure fairness and inclusivity in its high-profile events. By adopting a random drawing system, Tesla aims to give all shareholders, regardless of the size of their holdings, an equal chance to attend these events. This system seems to be a response to criticisms or scepticism about the selection process for event attendees.


Viecha’s clarification that influencers often attend events through referral credits or as a guest (+1) of another invitee suggests that Tesla is aware of the optics and potential criticisms regarding their event guest lists. This approach also subtly promotes Tesla’s referral program, indirectly encouraging more engagement and investment from the Tesla community.


Key Analysis

The key points of analysis regarding Tesla’s approach to the Cybertruck delivery event, as outlined by Martin Viecha, include:

  • Fairness in the Selection Process: Tesla’s use of a random drawing system for event invitations is a significant move towards ensuring fairness. This approach allows shareholders of all sizes an equal opportunity to attend, addressing concerns that only large shareholders or specific groups might be favoured.
  • Addressing Skepticism: Viecha’s explanation serves to counter scepticism or jokes about the “randomness” of the selection process. By providing specific examples (e.g., a shareholder with 36 shares received an invite while those with 100,000 shares did not), Tesla is attempting to be transparent and quell doubts about the fairness of their system.
  • Influencer Presence Explained: The clarification that influencers often attend events through other means (referral credits or as a guest) is crucial. It suggests that while influencers are frequently present, their attendance is not necessarily a result of preferential treatment in the random drawing process. This is important for maintaining the integrity of the random selection system.
  • Event Anticipation and Tesla’s Evolution: The upcoming Cybertruck event is more than just a product launch; it’s a symbol of Tesla’s growth and evolution over the years. The unveiling of the production version of the Cybertruck will be a moment to evaluate how Tesla’s promises have materialized since the prototype’s reveal.
  • Promotion and Marketing Strategy: The presence of influencers and the referral program highlights Tesla’s marketing strategy. Influencers amplify the event’s reach, and the referral program encourages more profound engagement from the Tesla community, serving as a tool for organic marketing.
  • Community Engagement: Tesla’s approach indicates a conscious effort to engage with its community, including retail shareholders and Tesla enthusiasts. This engagement is crucial for maintaining brand loyalty and fostering a sense of inclusion among Tesla’s customer base.
  • Impact on Public Perception: How Tesla handles this event, especially in light of past controversies or criticisms, will impact public perception. Transparent and fair practices in event invitations can enhance Tesla’s reputation for integrity and customer-centric practices.

Influencer Marketing and Shareholder Engagement

The strategy Tesla is employing for the Cybertruck delivery event, as described by Martin Viecha, has several pros and cons:


  • Enhanced Fairness and Equality: The random drawing system for event invitations promotes fairness, giving all shareholders, regardless of their share size, an equal chance to participate. This can improve shareholder relations and enhance the company’s image as inclusive and equitable.
  • Transparency in Communication: By openly addressing the selection process and the presence of influencers, Tesla is demonstrating transparency. This can strengthen trust among investors, customers, and the general public.
  • Increased Engagement and Excitement: The anticipation for the Cybertruck and the inclusive nature of the event’s invitation process can increase engagement and excitement among Tesla’s community, which can be beneficial for brand loyalty and customer retention.
  • Effective Use of Influencers: Having influencers present, even if not directly selected through the drawing, can be advantageous for Tesla’s marketing efforts. Influencers can amplify the event’s reach and impact through social media and other platforms.
  • Showcasing Company Evolution: The event is an opportunity to showcase how Tesla and its products have evolved, highlighting the company’s innovation and commitment to improvement.


  • Perception of Bias: Despite the random selection process, the perception of bias may still exist, especially if prominent influencers or known community members are frequently seen at such events. This could lead to scepticism or criticism.
  • Limited Access for Larger Shareholders: The random nature of the selection process means that larger shareholders, who might feel more entitled to attend, could be overlooked. This might lead to some dissatisfaction among this group.
  • Event Scalability Issues: Tesla’s capacity restrictions at event venues like Giga Texas limit how many people can attend, potentially excluding interested parties and limiting the event’s direct reach.
  • Dependence on Influencer Marketing: While beneficial, relying on influencers for event publicity can be a double-edged sword. Influencers’ opinions and portrayals of the event are outside Tesla’s control and could negatively impact the company’s image if not aligned with Tesla’s values.
  • Possible Overemphasis on Publicity: Focusing heavily on influencers and public figures could lead to an overemphasis on publicity, possibly overshadowing the actual purpose and technical aspects of the event, like the features and capabilities of the Cybertruck.

Event Anticipation and Excitement


Tesla’s strategy for the Cybertruck delivery event is a multifaceted approach addressing fairness, scepticism, marketing, community engagement, and public perception. This approach reflects the company’s broader goals of transparency and inclusivity while leveraging the event for brand promotion and customer engagement.

The high anticipation surrounding the Cybertruck’s first deliveries, especially after several years since its initial unveiling, indicates the significant interest in Tesla’s product evolution. The event will not only be a milestone for Tesla but also an opportunity for the public and investors to assess how the company has grown and how its products have developed over time. The presence of influencers, whether through random selection or other means, also plays a role in amplifying the event’s reach and impact through social media and other platforms.


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