My first experience

So, my first experience with the Hero Honda, of course, the Hero Honda CD 100 SS, was at a very nascent stage in my life. It was years later that I was on the beloved Hero Honda again. But before proceeding any further, a few disclaimers are necessary. Any rider worth their mettle knows about it and unfailingly takes these precautions. Yet it is imminent to put it out there.

Never ride your bikes, from a moped to a superbike, without a helmet. Even in the city. Never race of roads, especially Indian, as the streets are riddled with potholes to morons. Don’t be one more moron riding or racing on the streets. Speed nor rash driving is neither a measure of muscle nor skill. Underage riding/driving might seem cool to flaunt, but it is highly hazardous and can have disastrous results. That being said, let’s get to the story.



High School Days

During my high school days, a friend got his father’s, Hero Honda. My joy knew no bounds on seeing the bike as I had started dreaming of finally getting my hands on it. I was later disappointed on learning that the condition on which my friend had got the bike was that no one else could lay their hands on it. With a sad little heart and reluctantly, I agreed to be the pillion rider.

Barely a few minutes into the ride, I could feel a big ball of anxiety in my stomach. This was my first time experiencing rash driving from the pillion seat. At that time, I also had a reputation for being an impulsive rider and for a fair share of accidents. And yet, the experience of speeding and rash driving from the pillion seat scared the daylights out of me. 

And given that I lived in a small town, it would not be that off the mark to say that most in my social circle and my family’s always had their eyes on me. I think the immaturity of age must compel teenagers to drive like a maniac.


I got out of the ride unscathed. But a few days later, my friend had to pay the price. He and another classmate thought it would be a good idea to race on the busy streets. I decided that they would come to regret it minutes into the ride. 

In an attempt to avoid a jaywalker, the two bikes that were racing and were side by side got into a collision. Both the riders, along with their bikes, had experienced significant damage. One of them had almost lost one of his eyes. 

Safety is paramount

Both of them had their riding privileges revoked for a few months. As a result, other than having to commute to school and classes on bicycles, their riding was significantly changed the next time they rode their bikes. And it wasn’t just them. Most of our riding had seen an enormous difference in the positive light. But we needed a significant jolt to relieve our teenage hormonal-driven stupor.

I know it is repetitive, but please follow all the safety precautions when riding. Underage driving is a big no. And so is racing. Keep riding a pleasant experience rather than an adrenaline-driven activity that risks your life and those in your vicinity.

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