The Aprilia Tuono 457

Recent spy images from Europe hint that Aprilia might soon introduce a naked variant of the RS 457, following its recent launch in India. This upcoming model, which could be a streetfighter or a neo-retro bike, is based on the RS 457’s framework. Design elements seen in the images include a round headlamp, compact fuel tank, stepped seat, and slender tail section, along with an upside-down front fork and a single shock absorber with a box-section rear swingarm.

The potential launch of a naked version of the Aprilia RS 457 is stirring excitement among motorcycle enthusiasts. This new model, speculated to be based on the RS 457 platform, may feature a twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine delivering 47.6 BHP and 43.5 Nm of torque.

Naked version of Aprilia RS 457

Expected to be named Tuono 457, it could offer an engaging mix of sporty performance and urban-friendly ergonomics, typical of naked bikes. This development positions Aprilia to compete in the mid-range segment against rivals like the KTM 390 Duke and TVS Apache RTR 310, broadening its appeal and strengthening its market presence.


The engine, resembling that of the RS 457, is a liquid-cooled twin-cylinder unit producing 47.6 BHP and 43.5 Nm, coupled with a 6-speed transmission. The new bike might be named the Tuono 457, in line with Aprilia’s typical naming patterns. This model could be part of a larger series of bikes based on the 457 platform.

Aprilia Tuono 457

Manufacturing of this new bike is anticipated to take place at Aprilia’s Baramati facility in India, positioning the Tuono 457 as an attractive choice in the under Rs. 4 lakh segment, possibly competing with models like the KTM 390 Duke and TVS Apache RTR 310.

The key analysis of the potential development of a naked version of the Aprilia RS 457, based on recent spy images and industry speculation, can be summarized as follows:

  • Model Development and Design: The spy images suggest that Aprilia is exploring a new motorcycle variant based on the RS 457 platform, likely to be a streetfighter or a neo-retro motorcycle. The design elements noted, such as the round headlamp, compact fuel tank, stepped seat, and narrow tail section, align with the current trends in motorcycle design, particularly in the naked bike segment.
  • Technical Specifications: The engine appears to mirror the RS 457’s twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled unit, known for its output of 47.6 BHP and 43.5 Nm of torque, along with a 6-speed gearbox. This setup indicates that the new model will maintain a balance of performance and efficiency, suitable for both urban and sporty riding.
  • Market Positioning: The speculated naming of the bike as Tuono 457 follows Aprilia’s naming tradition, and the potential production at the Baramati plant in India suggests a strategic move to capture a significant market share in the sub-Rs. 4 lakh category. This positions the new model as a direct competitor to popular models like the KTM 390 Duke and TVS Apache RTR 310, indicating Aprilia’s intent to strengthen its presence in the competitive mid-range motorcycle segment.
  • Platform Utilization Strategy: The move to create a range of models based on the 457 platform is a common strategy in the motorcycle industry. It allows manufacturers to maximize the return on investment in research and development by diversifying the product lineup while maintaining cost efficiencies.
  • Market Trends and Consumer Demand: The development of a naked version of the RS 457 reflects the growing popularity of naked and neo-retro motorcycles, especially among younger riders who favor the blend of modern performance with classic styling.
  • Speculative Nature of Information: It’s important to note that the details are currently speculative, based on spy shots and industry rumors. The final product specifications, features, and market strategy may vary once Aprilia officially announces the model.

Mid-range motorcycles in India

The potential introduction of a naked version of the Aprilia RS 457 is likely to have several impacts on motorcycle enthusiasts, particularly in the mid-range segment:

  • Expanded Choices: Motorcycle enthusiasts will have more options within the mid-range category. The naked version of the RS 457, presumably offering a different riding experience than its fully-faired counterpart, adds variety to the market. This is especially appealing for riders who prefer the aesthetics and ergonomics of naked bikes.
  • Brand Perception: Aprilia’s expansion into different motorcycle formats using the 457 platform could enhance its brand appeal. Enthusiasts who appreciate Aprilia’s engineering and design but prefer a naked bike format would now have an option within the brand, potentially increasing brand loyalty and widening Aprilia’s customer base.
  • Performance and Accessibility: The RS 457’s known performance credentials, if carried over to the naked version, would offer enthusiasts a blend of sporty performance in a potentially more accessible and urban-friendly package. This combination can be particularly appealing to riders who seek performance without the full commitment of a sportbike stance.
  • Competitive Landscape: The introduction of a new model in the naked bike segment, especially in the sub-Rs. 4 lakh category, intensifies competition. It challenges existing models like the KTM 390 Duke and TVS Apache RTR 310. This competition could lead to overall improvements in features, performance, and pricing across the segment, benefiting consumers.
  • Styling and Aesthetics: Naked bikes have a distinct style that appeals to a segment of riders who prefer a more ‘raw’ and ‘stripped down’ look. The new model could attract enthusiasts who are drawn to this aesthetic, especially if it integrates neo-retro elements, which have been gaining popularity.
  • Riding Experience: The riding dynamics of a naked bike differ from a fully-faired sportbike. The upright riding position, different weight distribution, and exposure to wind elements offer a unique experience that many riders prefer, especially for urban commuting and short rides.
  • Technological Advancements: The new model might incorporate the latest technological features and advancements. Enthusiasts who are keen on new tech in motorcycles would be interested in seeing how Aprilia integrates these into the naked version.
  • Community and Discussion: The anticipation and eventual launch of a new model always generate discussion and excitement within motorcycle communities. This fosters a sense of community and shared interest among enthusiasts.

RS 457 streetfighter

The introduction of a naked version of the RS 457 by Aprilia is poised to have a significant impact on the motorcycle enthusiast community by offering a new choice that combines the appeal of a naked bike with the performance credentials of the RS 457. This move could reshape consumer preferences and influence market dynamics in the mid-range motorcycle segment.

The development of a naked version of the RS 457 signifies Aprilia’s adaptive strategy in a competitive market, aiming to offer a product that blends performance, style, and value, catering to the evolving preferences of motorcycle enthusiasts. The official announcement from Aprilia is awaited for confirmation and detailed information on this new model.

Twin-cylinder motorcycles

Given that this information is derived from early spy images and industry rumors, the exact details may differ when officially released. More concrete information is expected once Aprilia makes an official announcement.


For motorcycle enthusiasts intrigued by the buzz around Aprilia’s potential new naked version of the RS 457, stay tuned for upcoming announcements and details. Keep an eye on Aprilia’s official channels and leading automotive news platforms for the latest updates, specifications, and launch information.

If this new model aligns with your interests in performance and style, be ready to explore this exciting addition to the Aprilia lineup. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness how Aprilia is expanding its horizons and possibly setting new benchmarks in the mid-range motorcycle segment.


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