New Yamaha R7 vs Aprilia RS 660

The Yamaha R7 and Aprilia RS 660 are both notable motorcycles in the middleweight sports bike category, each with its own set of features and characteristics.

This analysis provides a concise comparison between the 2023 Yamaha R7 and Aprilia RS 660 motorcycles. It focuses on key aspects such as power output, torque, fuel efficiency, and overall riding experience. The Yamaha R7, known for its fuel efficiency and versatile performance, is suited for a wide range of riders, offering a balance between power and usability.

2023 Yamaha R7

The Aprilia RS 660, on the other hand, stands out with its higher power output and advanced features, appealing to riders seeking a performance-oriented experience. The comparison highlights these motorcycles’ distinct market positions and suitability for different rider preferences.


2023 Aprilia RS 660

Let’s compare them across various aspects:

1. Engine and Performance

  • Yamaha R7: Powered by a 689cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve, parallel-twin engine. Known for its ‘ cross-plane philosophy’ that ensures a linear torque delivery.
  • Aprilia RS 660: Equipped with a 659cc parallel-twin, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled engine with DOHC and 4 valves per cylinder. The RS 660’s engine is known for its strong mid-range and top-end performance.
FeatureYamaha R7Aprilia RS 660
Engine Type689cc, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, parallel-twin659cc, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, parallel-twin
Power Output74.8 hp 100 HP
Torque50 lb-ft 49.4 lb-ft
ChassisLightweight, focused on agility and stabilityAluminum frame, aimed at nimble handling
SuspensionFully adjustable KYB fork (in most models)Aluminium frame, aimed at nimble handling
ElectronicsSimplified: ABS, slipper clutch, optional quick shifterComprehensive: ride-by-wire, multiple riding modes, traction control, wheelie control, cruise control, cornering ABS
Design and StylingAggressive, R-series influenced aerodynamic designSharp, distinctive Aprilia styling, compact form
ErgonomicsSporty yet relatively comfortableMix of sporty and comfort, suitable for both track and road
PriceGenerally more affordable, entry-levelHigher, reflecting advanced tech and features
Market PositioningAccessible middleweight sports bikeTechnologically advanced middleweight sports bike

Middleweight sports bikes

2. Chassis and Handling

  • Yamaha R7: Features a lightweight chassis with a focus on agility and cornering stability. The suspension setup typically includes a fully adjustable KYB fork.
  • Aprilia RS 660: Boasts a strong and light aluminium frame and swingarm, contributing to its nimble handling. The suspension system often includes adjustable Kayaba components.

3. Electronics and Rider Aids

  • Yamaha R7: May have a more simplified electronics package compared to the RS 660. Standard features usually include ABS and a slipper clutch, with some models offering an optional quick shifter.
  • Aprilia RS 660: Comes with a comprehensive suite of electronics, including ride-by-wire, multiple riding modes, traction control, wheelie control, cruise control, and cornering ABS.

4. Design and Ergonomics

  • Yamaha R7: Sports a design influenced by Yamaha’s R-series with aggressive and aerodynamic styling. It generally offers a sporty yet relatively comfortable riding position.
  • Aprilia RS 660: Features a distinctive Aprilia design with sharp lines and a compact form factor. The ergonomics are a mix of sporty and comfortable, suitable for both track and road use.

5. Price and Market Positioning

  • The Yamaha R7 is often positioned as a more accessible, entry-level option in the middleweight sports bike segment.
  • Aprilia RS 660 is typically priced higher, reflecting its more advanced technology and features.

Sports bike performance

Key Analysis

The comparison between the 2023 Yamaha R7 and Aprilia RS 660 highlights distinct priorities and design philosophies in the middleweight sports bike segment:

  • Power vs. Efficiency: The Aprilia RS 660 offers significantly higher power (100 HP) compared to the Yamaha R7 (74.8 hp), making it more performance-oriented. In contrast, the Yamaha R7’s lower power output is balanced by better fuel efficiency (58 MPG vs. 47.8 MPG for the RS 660), making it more suitable for everyday use and longer rides.
  • Performance Orientation: The RS 660’s focus on higher horsepower indicates a design geared towards enthusiasts seeking more aggressive performance, particularly useful in high-speed scenarios and track days.
  • Riding Experience: Despite the similar torque figures (around 49.4 lb-ft for both), the RS 660’s higher horsepower suggests a more exhilarating riding experience at higher rev ranges, while the R7’s balanced power and torque make it more manageable and versatile, especially for less experienced riders or those preferring a mix of city and highway riding.
  • Market Positioning: These differences reflect their respective market positioning: the Aprilia RS 660 is a higher-end, performance-focused option, and the Yamaha R7 is a more accessible, versatile, and efficiency-focused motorcycle.

Yamaha motorcycles

Here’s a table summarizing the pros and cons of the 2023 Yamaha R7 and Aprilia RS 660:

Yamaha R7– Better fuel efficiency (58 MPG)– Lower power output (74.8 hp)
– Balanced power and torque for versatile use– Less advanced electronics package
– More approachable for a range of riders– May not appeal to performance-focused riders
– Generally more affordable– Less aggressive performance compared to RS 660
Aprilia RS 660– Higher power output (100 HP)– Lower fuel efficiency (47.8 MPG)
– Advanced electronics and rider aids– Higher price point
– Performance-oriented design– May be intimidating for less experienced riders
– Exciting riding experience at higher speeds– Less focused on everyday usability

This comparison highlights the Yamaha R7’s suitability for riders seeking a more balanced, efficient, and versatile riding experience, while the Aprilia RS 660 caters to those looking for higher performance and advanced features, albeit at a higher cost and reduced fuel efficiency.


  • Yamaha R7 is a great choice for riders looking for a reliable, agile bike with a focus on the riding essentials and a more approachable price point.
  • Aprilia RS 660 appeals to those seeking a more technologically advanced machine with higher performance capabilities and a comprehensive electronics package.

For enthusiasts and potential buyers deliberating between the Yamaha R7 and Aprilia RS 660, the next step is to experience these motorcycles firsthand. Visiting local dealerships for test rides will provide a practical understanding of their performance and handling. Additionally, consulting with sales representatives for the latest offers and updates is advisable.

For a comprehensive decision, it’s also beneficial to join online forums and communities where current owners share their experiences and insights. This real-world feedback can significantly influence your choice between these two distinguished middleweight sports bikes.

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