New Jedi 250 4L Review

The Jedi 250 4L, a product of China’s evolving motorcycle industry, stands as a notable example of how Chinese manufacturers are integrating familiar design elements with practical features to cater to specific market needs. Primarily used by the police in China, this model has gained a reputation for its reliability and functional design.

Summary of the Jedi 250 4L Motorcycle

At first glance:

  • Small cruiser with a street glide look.
  • Little displacement (249cc) and large suitcases.

The real story:

  • Primarily a police motorcycle in China (Jedi is the largest manufacturer).
  • The civilian version is called the Fulldresser and closely resembles the police model.
  • Uses the old Suzuki GZ 250/GN 250 engine with air cooling and 18 hp.
  • The top speed is around 130 km/h and the fuel consumption of 2.8 litres per 100 km.
  • Disc brakes with ABS and a range of over 700 km with its 20-litre tank.
  • Seat height of only 690 mm and small wheels (16″ front, 15″ rear).
  • Costs around 2,000 euros in China, but is not currently available in Europe.

Chinese Motorcycle

The bike’s blend of a small cruiser form factor with street glide aesthetics, along with its use of Suzuki technology, positions it uniquely in the market. Despite its limited displacement, the Jedi 250 4L packs in features and specifications that make it a noteworthy model, especially within its domestic market.

Here’s an analytical breakdown of its key aspects:

  • Origin and Usage: The Jedi 250 4L is produced by a Chinese manufacturer, Jedi, which has become the largest producer of government motorcycles in China since 2018. This model, in particular, is extensively used by the Chinese police force.
  • Design and Inspiration: The Jedi 250 4L is styled as a small cruiser, resembling the street glide aesthetic. It is essentially a civilian version of the police motorcycle, carrying over much of the design except for the signalling device.
  • Engine and Performance: The motorcycle utilizes Suzuki technology, specifically the engine from the GZ 250/GN 250. This four-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine displaces 249 cubic centimetres and delivers nearly 18 hp at 7,500 rpm and 18 Nm of torque at 6,000 rpm. The top speed is slightly over 130 km/h.
  • Efficiency and Range: The fuel efficiency stands out, with a consumption rate of just 2.8 litres per 100 kilometres. Combined with a 20-litre tank, it theoretically offers a range of over 700 kilometres, which is quite impressive for a bike of its class.
  • Safety Features: For safety, it is equipped with dual disc brakes and a 2-channel ABS, which is quite advanced for a motorcycle of this size and class.
  • Physical Dimensions: The Jedi 250 4L is relatively lightweight at around 170 kilograms and has a low seat height of 690 millimetres, making it accessible for a wider range of riders. The wheel sizes are on the smaller side, with 16 inches at the front and 15 inches at the rear, somewhat unusual for a cruiser but beneficial for manoeuvrability.
  • Pricing and Availability: In the Chinese market, the bike is priced at approximately 15,400 yuan, roughly translating to just under 2,000 euros. However, it is noted that this model is not expected to be available in the European market.

Cruiser Design

This motorcycle represents a blend of traditional cruiser aesthetics with modern efficiency and safety features. Its primary use as a police motorcycle in China underscores its reliability and functionality. While it may not be a high-performance machine by international standards, its design and features make it a noteworthy model in the context of Chinese-manufactured motorcycles.

Key Analysis

The Jedi 250 4L motorcycle offers several key points for analysis, particularly highlighting China’s growing capability in motorcycle manufacturing:

  • Market Positioning and Usage: The Jedi 250 4L’s primary use by the Chinese police force since 2018 indicates its reliability and functionality in demanding conditions. This positions it uniquely in the market as a government-approved vehicle, enhancing its credibility.
  • Design and Aesthetics: Its design mimics the popular street glide style, appealing to consumers looking for a cruiser-type motorcycle with a smaller displacement. This blend of a classic aesthetic with a compact form factor broadens its appeal.
  • Suzuki Technology Integration: The incorporation of Suzuki’s GZ 250/GN 250 engine technology is a significant aspect. It suggests a level of technical collaboration or inspiration from established motorcycle brands, which could indicate the quality and performance reliability of the Jedi 250 4L.
  • Performance and Efficiency: The engine’s output of nearly 18 hp and 18 Nm of torque is respectable for its class, providing adequate power for urban and light-duty use. Its fuel efficiency (2.8 litres/100 km) and large fuel tank capacity (20 litres) offer an impressive range, which is a substantial advantage for both police and civilian use.
  • Safety Features: The inclusion of dual disc brakes and 2-channel ABS is noteworthy, as these features are not always standard in smaller-displacement motorcycles. This indicates a commitment to rider safety, which is crucial for a bike used in law enforcement.
  • Accessibility and Comfort: The low seat height and relatively lightweight (170 kg) make it accessible to a wide range of riders, including those of shorter stature or less experience.
  • Economic Accessibility: Priced at approximately 15,400 yuan (under 2,000 euros), the Jedi 250 4L is economically accessible, making it an attractive option in its domestic market. However, its unavailability in Europe limits its global impact.
  • Regional Significance: The model’s significance seems largely confined to the Chinese market, reflecting the specific needs and preferences of that region. This focus on domestic utility over global marketability is a strategic choice that underscores the targeted approach of Chinese manufacturers.

Suzuki Technology

The Jedi 250 4L is a significant motorcycle in the context of Chinese manufacturing, exemplifying a blend of functional design, economic accessibility, and reliable performance. Its widespread use in government services further underlines its practicality and durability. This model serves as an example of China’s evolving capabilities in producing motorcycles that meet specific local demands while incorporating established global technologies.

Pros and Cons

EngineProven Suzuki technologyAir-cooled, low power
PerformanceFuel-efficient, long-rangeLow top speed, not very powerful
HandlingLightweight, easy to maneuverSmall wheels, may not be stable at high speeds
ComfortLow seat height, comfortable for short ridersBasic suspension, may not be comfortable for long rides
PriceAffordableNot available in Europe

Police Motorcycle

The Jedi 250 4L is a notable Chinese-made motorcycle, primarily used by the police in China. Featuring a small cruiser design inspired by the street glide style, it integrates technology from the Suzuki GZ 250/GN 250. The bike’s air-cooled, single-cylinder engine delivers nearly 18 hp, offering reliability and efficiency, with an impressive fuel range. Equipped with modern safety features like dual disc brakes and ABS, it caters to a wide range of riders with its low seat height and lightweight frame. Priced affordably, the Jedi 250 4L exemplifies China’s growing proficiency in motorcycle manufacturing, though it remains exclusive to the Chinese market.

The Jedi 250 4L is more than just a small cruiser with an appealing design; it is a representation of the growing prowess of Chinese motorcycle manufacturing. Its widespread use by Chinese law enforcement is a testament to its reliability and practicality.

While its features like the Suzuki-derived engine, impressive fuel efficiency, and safety measures make it a viable option in its segment, its limited availability outside of China keeps it as a regional highlight rather than a global competitor. Nevertheless, the Jedi 250 4L stands as a significant step in the evolution of Chinese motorcycles, showcasing their ability to produce functional, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing bikes.


Discover the intriguing world of Chinese motorcycle innovation with the Jedi 250 4L. Experience a unique blend of style and functionality that defines this cruiser, renowned for its use in China’s police force. With its efficient Suzuki-derived engine, impressive range, and advanced safety features, the Jedi 250 4L offers a glimpse into the evolving landscape of motorcycle technology in China. Don’t miss out on exploring the capabilities of this distinct motorcycle. Dive into the details, appreciate its design, and understand its role in shaping the future of two-wheeled transport. Join the journey of discovery with the Jedi 250 4L.


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