Boschert B300

Boschert B300

In the dynamic sphere of automotive mastery, few vehicles capture the spirit of innovation and bespoke craftsmanship like the Boschert B300, a rare gem from the era of audacious engineering. With its inception rooted in the desire to reimagine the iconic gullwing design, the B300 emerged not merely as a modified car but as a statement—a testament to the seamless blend of performance enhancement and aesthetic transformation.


This singular vehicle, born from the chassis of a Mercedes-Benz 300 CE, underwent significant metamorphosis to embody exclusivity, most notably through its distinctive gullwing doors, a homage to the esteemed lineage of Mercedes-Benz’s design heritage. As we delve into the B300’s unique journey from conception to realization, we unveil the layers of dedication to individualism and performance prowess that make it an unparalleled piece of automotive history.


The Boschert B300 Gullwing is a true one-off and a must-have for any collector of Mercedes-Benz or special cars. It is sure to turn heads wherever it goes and is a guaranteed conversation starter.


Here are some of the key features of the Boschert B300 Gullwing:

  • Only Boschert B300 equipped with gullwing doors
  • The uprated twin-turbocharged engine produces 283 horsepower
  • Finished in Bornite over a two-tone purple leather interior
  • Enthusiast owned since 2005
  • Accompanied by period sales and development documents and selected spares

Special with Twin-turbocharged and 283 horsepower

Unique Features and Appeal:

  • Gullwing Doors: The most distinctive feature of this Boschert B300 is its gullwing doors, a design that is both iconic and rare, typically reserved for some of the most high-end sports cars. It’s not just the doors themselves but also the significant structural changes made to accommodate them, including the modification of the C-pillar and the strengthening of the sills. These features are a nod to classic design while introducing a daring new concept, as these doors were not a standard option on the original 300 CE.
  • Engine and Performance: The uprated twin-turbocharged engine, boosting the car to 283 horsepower, indicates a significant performance increase from the standard 300 CE model. This enhancement would not only improve the car’s overall speed and power but also its appeal to those who value performance in addition to style.
  • Interior and Exterior Styling: The change from its original Astral Silver finish to a Bornite color palette, along with the two-tone purple leather interior, suggests a customized approach to the vehicle’s aesthetics, making it even more exclusive. Such bespoke touches are often appreciated by collectors looking for something beyond standard factory models.
  • Provenance and Documentation: The vehicle’s history, enthusiast ownership, and the presence of period sales and development documents add to its collectibility. These elements provide a rich backstory, authenticate its uniqueness, and potentially offer insight into the car’s significance and the process of its transformation.
  • Recent Restorations and Repairs: The substantial investment in repairs, paintwork, and interior restorations in 2023 highlights the care taken to maintain or restore the car’s condition, a crucial factor in its appeal. The detailed invoicing and professional work reassure potential buyers about the quality and value of the work done.


Given these aspects, the Boschert B300 stands as a testament to an era of automotive experimentation and the timeless appeal of certain design elements, such as the gullwing doors. While it draws on the heritage of Mercedes-Benz, it diverges significantly to create something unique and, in many ways, ahead of its time.


For collectors, this vehicle offers not just a piece of automotive history but also a story of innovation, personalization, and the eternal pursuit of combining performance with unparalleled style. The limited production run and the fact that this particular model is the only one with the gullwing feature amplify its rarity and, by extension, its allure to collectors and enthusiasts alike.

The Boschert B300 is more than a car; it is a narrative, one of ambition, precision, and an unwavering commitment to the artistry of automotive design. Its existence challenges the conventions of its time, showcasing the extraordinary possibilities when bold imagination meets technical expertise. This vehicle, particularly noted for its unique gullwing doors, uprated engine, and bespoke interior, stands as a beacon of personalized luxury and performance.

Its journey—from the show-stopping reveal in Frankfurt to its meticulous upkeep and restoration—speaks volumes of its stature, not just as a collector’s piece, but as a milestone in automotive evolution. For the enthusiast, the B300 represents the apex of exclusivity and innovation, a tangible connection to an era of daring expression in car design. In its rarity, it carries forth the legacy of its predecessors while projecting its distinctive brilliance, a true one-off marvel in the world of automotive specialities.

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