Ferrari 499P Modificata

Ferrari 499P Modificata

Ferrari captures the essence of motorsport exhilaration with its 499P Modificata, offering a select group of enthusiasts a taste of true racing pedigree. This machine, strictly for the track, isn’t just a vehicle—it’s an entry into an elite realm where owners experience the intersection of professional-grade motorsports technology and exclusive, high-end service. By extending this opportunity, Ferrari not only upholds its heritage of excellence but also paves the way for a unique, client-focused approach to the world of racing.

The Ferrari 499P Modificata is a clear indication of the brand’s commitment to delivering racing pedigree and advanced technology to its exclusive clientele. This track-only machine provides a bridge between professional racing and high-end private ownership, offering an elite group of automotive enthusiasts the opportunity to experience near-competitive racing thrills without participating in official racing events.

Key points

  • Price: €5.1m (£4.62m), excluding VAT
  • Power: 777bhp, with an additional 80bhp available for short bursts
  • 0-62mph time: Not confirmed
  • Top speed: Expected to be at least 213mph
  • Production: Strictly limited
  • Availability: Reserved for non-competitive use by “gentleman drivers”
  • On-sale date: Not confirmed

Le Mans-winning hypercar

Here are some key aspects of this release that are particularly noteworthy:

  • Exclusivity and Client Program: By making the 499P Modificata part of its Sport Prototipi Clienti programme, Ferrari emphasizes the exclusivity and premium nature of this project. The clients are not just purchasing a car; they’re entering into a highly exclusive club with specialized support directly from Ferrari’s maintenance team. This level of service enhances the ownership experience, making it unique compared to owning a standard supercar or hypercar.

777bhp hybrid V6

  • Advanced Powertrain Technology: The hybrid powertrain, which combines traditional ICE with advanced electric propulsion, reflects a trend in motorsports and supercar manufacturing towards embracing alternative energy sources. The ability to generate additional power through a “push-to-pass” feature emphasizes on-track dynamics and strategy, enhancing the driving experience by introducing an element of racing tactics.

€5.1m (£4.62m)

  • Engineering for Accessibility: Despite its advanced design and powerful performance attributes, Ferrari emphasizes making the 499P Modificata accessible to drivers who may not have professional racing experience. This approachability ensures that owners can truly enjoy the car’s capabilities, potentially attracting a broader range of enthusiasts who are passionate about motorsports and Ferrari but may not have the skills typically required to handle such a powerful racing prototype.

Strictly Limited

  • Design and Aerodynamics: Flavio Manzoni’s design combines aesthetic appeal with functional aerodynamics, incorporating elements that both contribute to performance and create a visual connection to Ferrari’s racing heritage. The use of advanced materials like carbon fiber not only reduces weight but also links the vehicle to the technology used in professional motorsport.
  • F1-Inspired Features: The inclusion of technology and design elements inspired by Formula 1, such as the push-rod suspension and the load-bearing nature of the engine, shows a transfer of cutting-edge racing technology into a customer-focused product. This further solidifies the connection between Ferrari’s racing activities and its commercial offerings.


In offering the 499P Modificata, Ferrari doesn’t just sell a car; it invites a privileged few into a bold new sphere of engagement, where the thrill of professional racing becomes a personalized journey. This approach, balancing cutting-edge technology with accessible driving dynamics, redefines what it means to be a part of the Ferrari legacy.

Through this initiative, Ferrari stands as more than a marque; it serves as a bridge, connecting the realm of professional racing with the passion of its dedicated enthusiasts, reinforcing its position as a titan within the world of motorsport and luxury performance vehicles.

The Ferrari 499P Modificata is more than a vehicle; it’s an immersive program designed to bring clients into the world of Ferrari racing. By providing an unprecedented level of access, combined with the thrill of driving a vehicle that closely mimics the competitive machines seen on the world’s most famous racing circuits, Ferrari reaffirms its status as a premier brand in the realm of motorsport and luxury performance vehicles.

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