The Ducati Grandstand at MotoGP Jerez: Everything you need to know

The Ducati Grandstand at MotoGP Jerez: Everything you need to know

For the first time, Ducati makes a space in its stand for all fans of the Borgo Panigale firm.Which will enjoy a particular area reserved for them. 

Reserved for you to enjoy the party that nothing can stop on the first Sunday of May at the Jerez-Ángel Nieto Circuit. And confirmed again by the Ducati protagonists.

 It also has close-up views of the fast and tricky Pars corner and the infield straight.Which offers great entertainment to fans thanks to strategies employed by riders to gain positions at the start of races.

Guests can also admire some of the finest racing machines in history. Lining up on one of the most emblematic straights in motorcycling thanks to a perfect view. 

Ducati fans will appreciate being close to their favourite riders as they defend their colours on track. It’s also an excellent spot for photographers.


For further experience, Ducati offers Motorcycle parking: reserved and guarded (in the general parking), Helmet guard service and Ducati Grandstand Kit consisting of a t-shirt and cap with €120 plus management fees.

You’ll be able to see how the riders prepare for the first corner, and you won’t miss a thing. The first corner of the Circuit will become the main stage of this new Ducati Grandstand.Which offers a clear view of the riders. 

This position is exciting since viewers will be sitting on top of the cushion that precedes it. 

Being so close to the first turn is perfect for people who like speed and those who love a bird’s eye view. 

Ducati grandstand is famous among fans. And followers because it’s one of the most exciting spots to experience all the adrenaline and emotion shared by both bikes and riders.

You can buy your ticket for the Ducati Grandstand with the help of this link or in the Ducati Authorized Dealer network.


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