Ford GT40 Mark IIIs-Petersen Museum

The Ford GT40 is a legendary name in the automotive world, particularly for its success in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the 1960s. The Mark III version was designed to be more of a road car compared to its racing siblings, with changes to make it more suitable for daily driving. Here’s a more in-depth look.

Ford GT40 Mark III:

1. Production Rarity: With only seven units of the Mark III made, it’s among the rarest of classic cars. Even rarer is the fact that only four were made in left-hand drive. This kind of rarity can make such vehicles very valuable and highly sought after by collectors.

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2. Notable Ownership: This particular car’s history is made even more interesting due to its famous first owner, Herbert von Karajan, a renowned Austrian conductor. Provenance, or the ownership history of a car, especially when linked to famous personalities, can add significant value and interest to the vehicle.

3. Key Differences:

Headlights: Round headlights instead of the oblong ones seen in the earlier versions, which were more race-focused.
Extended Rear Deck: This was presumably for added practicality, offering space for luggage, which the earlier racing versions would not have catered to.
Suspension: A less rigid suspension system means that the car would have been more comfortable for road use, in comparison to the hard, race-tuned suspensions of the race cars.
Interior: The Mark III likely had added comforts, refined materials, and perhaps even better sound insulation to make daily driving a more pleasant experience.

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4. The Vault supported by Hagerty: Hagerty is a well-known insurance provider for classic cars and also offers valuation tools, media content, and resources for car enthusiasts. Their involvement suggests that the car might be part of a collection or exhibit that’s insured or valued by them. The “Vault” likely refers to a collection or a special section of a museum or private collection where this GT40 is housed.

This car’s combination of rarity, notable ownership, and the Mark III’s distinctive features makes it an exceptionally intriguing piece of automotive history. For car enthusiasts and collectors, such a vehicle is not just a means of transport but a tangible connection to a bygone era and the stories that shaped it.

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Petersen Museum
📸: IamTed7 Car Photography

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