Sanvenero GP was a successful Italian motorcycle racing team despite facing bankruptcy and difficult circumstances. Based in Pesaro, a city with a rich history of Italian motorcycling, the group registered three Grand Prix victories, including one in the highly competitive 500cc class and a 125cc 1-2 team finish. 

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Sanvenero GP

Two of their riders achieved top-five finishes in the World Championship points table at the end of the season. Despite the challenges they faced, Sanvenero GP managed to achieve some impressive results in motorcycle racing.


The Hockenheim Museum is home to a wide range of vintage motorcycles, including some of the most iconic models in history. Visitors can explore the rich heritage of Italian motorcycle racing and see firsthand how these machines have evolved. 

We talked about the Sanvenero 500cc GP bike, which was limited to three copies. The two copies are still in the Hockenheim Museum.

The Sanvenero 500cc GP bike. This machine is believed to be the one Michel Frutschi rode to victory at the 1982 French Grand Prix, making it an essential piece of racing history.



The Sanvenero 500cc GP bike was a limited-production motorcycle designed and built in Italy in the early 1980s. Three bikes were never made and were intended to compete in the 500cc Grand Prix motorcycle racing series.

The fact this particular bike was not raced after the 1982 French Grand Prix win is significant because the machine has remained in original, race-winning condition. This, combined with the rarity of the Sanvenero 500cc GP bike, makes it a highly desirable collector’s item.


Current location

The bike’s current location in the UK is also noteworthy, as it suggests it is part of a more extensive collection of powerful Grand Prix motorcycles. This collection may belong to a private collector or museum, and the Sanvenero 500cc GP bike is only one of many impressive machines on display.

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Sanvenero 500cc GP bike is a remarkable piece of Italian motorcycle history and is highly sought-after by collectors and racing enthusiasts. And with its race-winning pedigree and excellent condition, it will surely be a crowd-pleaser at events worldwide.

The price of the bike is on request. You can click the link in the source below to obtain the price.

Source: Classic rider

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