The Aprilia satellite squad RNF Racing Team has been facing difficulties. It’s never easy for a team or a rider to miss races due to injuries, and it can be particularly frustrating when another rider causes the incident.

Hip injuries

Miguel Oliveira must prioritize his health and give himself enough time to recover properly before returning to racing. Hip injuries can be particularly challenging for motorcycle racers, who rely heavily on their lower body strength and balance to manoeuvre the bike at high speeds.

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In the meantime, the team can use this as an opportunity to regroup and strategize for the rest of the season. The unit can also use this time to make any necessary adjustments to the bike and improve performance for when Miguel Oliveira is ready to return to racing.


Dislocated shoulder

However, it is unfortunate that Oliveira was diagnosed with a dislocated shoulder and a fractured humerus. A dislocated shoulder occurs when the upper arm bone pops out of the shoulder blade socket, while a fractured humerus is a break in the bone that runs from the shoulder to the elbow. 

Both injuries can be excruciating and can take time to heal. Oliveira will likely need medical treatment and rehabilitation to recover from his injuries, and his return to racing may be delayed.

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 RNF Racing Team said

“After a dislocated left shoulder was detected at the circuit’s medical centre and the shoulder was repositioned, subsequent examinations at the Jerez de la Frontera hospital showed a small fracture in the humerus of the left shoulder. Miguel will do further checks during the week.”

Also, it is unfortunate Oliveria’s teammate Raul Fernandez suffered from compartment syndrome throughout the weekend and during the race at the Spanish Grand Prix. He must receive appropriate medical treatment to manage his symptoms and prevent further complications.

Fernandez said

“I couldn’t stop the bike. I couldn’t feel my right hand. It’s impossible to ride like that.”

To address this issue, Fernandez will undergo surgery. However, the good news is he is expected to fully recover in time for the French round, which indicates the surgery will not likely have a long-term impact on his racing career.

Source: Moto. it

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