The Korean manufacturer HJC has released a very interesting new helmet for those looking for something different from the mainstream. 

The i20 Jet Streetfighter motorcycle helmet is the first one from the company’s Urban series, a collection dedicated to street use and stylish design.

The new i20 Jet Streetfighter is an actual modular helmet or a brain bucket with a full flap to protect the face from dust and debris.


It has ventilation ports on both sides of the chin bar for additional airflow but no built-in sun shield. The streetfighter version of HJC’s famous i20 line is a sports lid with a glossy black finish.

This particular version of the i20 comes with a removable chin bar. It is huge because while some riders might want complete coverage protection while riding in the city, others might prefer eliminating the chin bar during longer rides or cruising on an expressway or highway. 



As a new release on HJC’s popular i20 Jet series, the i20 Jet Streetfighter Helmet features a polycarbonate shell, with its shell manufactured using advanced technology. 

Say you’ve chosen to go with the helmet without the chin bar for your commute to work, then decide you’d rather have it for your lunchtime ride. With the i20, you can remove the chin bar and still have an ECE 22.06, a three-quarter helmet, all without breaking your neck in the process.

The Advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell is lightweight and offers a superior fit.Using a 3-shell breakdown from sizes XS up to 2XL. This helmet is also ready to accept the SMART HJC Bluetooth systems (10B and 20B).

The HJC i20 is a member of the brand’s “high-end sports street helmet line,” coming in at a handsome price point of 199.90 Euros, which should equal about $232 by the time these helmets make it to North America. 


Those interested in getting the best bang for their buck while also looking good can check out the HJC i20 website for more details. Stay tuned for a review of the brand’s brand new Jet Streetfighter helmet sometime shortly.

via HJC


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