The Ice Speedway racing is the most exciting motorcycle event in Berlin, scheduled on March 3 and 4, 2023. And if you like the sport, you will want to get your hands on some tickets. 

The last Ice Speedway took place in 2020. And after a long gap of three years, we see the Ice Speedway returning.

The issues

The 2020 season was the final event before suspending all global motorsport events because of the rapidly evolving Covid pandemic. With 3 million estimated deaths worldwide in 2020, which has led to the designation of this particular period in history as the “Global Pandemic”.


With the hurdles now solved, our attention has turned to how they will run next year’s event. 

However, luck ran out, and there were problems with machinery related to maintaining the ice surface of the track, which is why the 2022 event came to a halt. And as a reminder, here’s how the 48th Ice Speedway event in Berlin will shake out next March.

Event limits

For the first time in history, Ice Speedway Berlin will not only have no World Championship status or European Championship status. Limiting the upcoming event resulted in a breakdown of talks between FIM officials and organizers. However, as it is not a regular sanctioned event, international racers are invited to attend it. It is rather unusual.

Participants and spectators eagerly await its return to the racing calendar of 2023. The Berlin Speedway is set to bring spectators some fantastic adrenaline moments of excitement on 3-4 March 2023

So if you invite your friends in Germany to a show, they will always remember the tickets you have already bought right away. Get ready for an adrenaline rush.

We will also see several luminaries like Fyn Loheider, Hans Weber, Max Niedermaier, and Fyn Loheider in the 2023 Speedway event.

And what better way to celebrate a trophy award than at a grand ceremony in Berlin? Which already has a quite thriving ice-racing scene with its annual championship.

via Speedweek

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