The DeLorean is genuinely an iconic car. It’s no surprise you built a time machine out of it. That line sounds familiar, but it’s a testament to the awe-inspiring nature of the DeLorean. Despite its turbulent past, it continues to amaze.


It’s interesting to see the growing interest in vintage cars from the 1980s, especially the iconic DMC-12. Many enthusiasts are now looking to turn their vehicles into replicas of the famous time machine from the classic 1985 film. 

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There are entire companies dedicated to creating these stunning replicas. I recently came across a Mecum auction for one of the most breathtaking tributes to the time machine I’ve ever seen.

The DeLorean DMC-12 made an impressive entrance in 1981, leaving a lasting impact. In an era where cars were all about bold and contemporary design, this American brand’s new coupe stood out with its distinctive shape, gull-wing doors, and stainless steel body, making it an unparalleled vehicle.



In the ’80s, aesthetics were all the rage; functionality often took a backseat. Despite its lacklustre performance, one particular car captured our attention. 

Today, Universal Pictures recognized the potential of this vehicle and selected it as the primary prop car for their upcoming movie. The movie version has become an icon in its own right, rivalling the original vehicle in popularity.

The upgrades on this DeLorean are truly impressive. While the original 2.8L V-6 engine and Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection have been kept, the owner has added some cool features. 


Cool upgrades

Neon lighting strips have been installed on the outside of the car that works, and the rear vents can create a smoke effect that gives the illusion of time travel back to 1955. Overall, the owner has done a remarkable job with the upgrades.

On the inside, it’s been given the same intentionally a homemade look as the original, equipped with buttons, working time circuit displays, and a light-up flux capacitor behind the bucket seats. 

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The attention to detail is incredible! And if that’s not enough, the components can be swapped out for ones that would make this look like the version of the car from the sequel, Back to the Future Part II. It’s truly a work of art.



Attention all Back to the Future fans! Some big news has just been announced. The iconic DeLorean time machine replica, signed by Christopher Lloyd (aka Doc Brown), is going up for auction via Mecum in Indianapolis from May 12. 

But wait, there’s more – the lucky buyer of this fantastic vehicle will also receive a replica of the Grays’s Sports Almanac from the second movie. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you want to take advantage of. 

While there’s no official estimate on how much this DeLorean might sell for, we know that past Back to the Future builds have sold for upwards of $150,000. So, save your pennies now to ensure you can bid on this incredible piece of movie history.


Source: Mecum

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