It’s interesting to note Benelli, the old Italian motorcycle brand, has been under the ownership of the Chinese Qianjiang Group since 2005. The Qianjiang Group itself is part of the Geely Group. 

Given this context, assuming the new V4 engine will be used in future QJMotor and Benelli models is reasonable. Rumours and concept images are floating around, suggesting this possibility.

In 2023, I stumbled upon a patent application from Qianjiang immediately caught my attention. It is a V4 engine with two cylinder banks positioned at a 90-degree angle to each other, boasting two chain-driven overhead camshafts (DOHC) and four valves per cylinder, making it a mighty machine. 


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Benelli V4 patents

The patent drawings also revealed a water cooling system and fuel injection, further increasing its impressive capabilities. Qianjiang has invested significant thought and effort into this engine, and I eagerly anticipate seeing it in action.

The recently patented V4 design boasts a modern and conventionally robust design. The patent explicitly covers the oil circuit in the cylinder head and gearbox and the connection between the crankshaft and timing chains for the valve train layout. 

However, more information is needed regarding the bore, stroke, displacement, or power of the V4, leaving the door open for various possible approaches.


V4 engine having 90 degrees in between two cylinder banks

1000cc with V4?

The superbike will probably experience a displacement of approximately 1,000 cubic meters for up to 200 horsepower shortly. QJMotor has already unveiled a corresponding model in January 2023, which was based on the technical foundation of MV Agusta and featured a four-cylinder in-line engine. 

However, KTM’s recent involvement with MV Agusta must be clarified if this partnership will continue, and it may even be unlikely. Instead, KTM is now collaborating with another Chinese manufacturer, CFMoto. 

Nevertheless, thanks to their own 1000cc V4, Qianjiang and QJMotor may be able to resolve this issue without any problems.

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There’s also talk of a new Benelli Tornado powered by the V4 engine. Some virtual concept images have been circulating, and some sources say Qianjiang is behind them. 

This would be a significant change for Benelli, as they’ve been known for their large and powerful in-line three-cylinder engines since the early 2000s. It’ll be exciting to see if these rumours come to fruition!


This Benelli V4 engine patent appeared in April 2023

600CC with V4?

Further, there has been a lot of talk about the QJMotor model range recently. According to some sources, a V4 engine with a capacity of around 600 cubic centimetres may be in development. 

This reflects the growing trend in Asia, where multi-cylinder engines are becoming more popular in the upper middle to upper-class range. 

Benda has already launched a 500 V4, and there are speculations about developing a 1200 V4. Moreover, CFMoto, a partner of KTM, is presently working on a 1000cc V4 engine.


After conducting thorough research, a new Benelli Tornado with a V4 engine is not as far-fetched as it may initially seem. Recently, Chinese manufacturers have established connections with European motorcycle brands, which could potentially result in exciting advancements. 

Moreover, virtual concept images of the V4 Tornado are already in circulation. Qianjiang, the company owns Benelli, has also successfully developed its own V4 engines, which could be utilized for other purposes, including its brand QJMotor. Various concepts ranging from 600 to 1,200 cubic will likely be explored.

Source: Motorrad

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