The new Stafford D-Dry gloves from Dianese offers extra protection and comfort

The new Stafford D-Dry gloves from Dianese offers extra protection and comfort

The spring is shaping up to be a busy season for motorcyclists. After a slow start to the year due to some late-season snow last winter. The roads are finally clear for two-wheeled travel in most parts of the country. 

If riders don’t want to miss out on riding with friends. And family before summer’s record-breaking heat settles in, they should get their hands ready for rain.

As we roll into the mid-season of the year. It’s time to start thinking about what pieces of gear you may want to pick up before the summer months roll over and rain starts pouring. 


Sure, we all know that winter is still a ways off. But it’s also not too early to get an idea of what you may want to grab once time rolls over. One gear that can be a lifesaver in wet conditions is Dainese’s Stafford D-Dry Gloves.

Dainese started in the heart of Italy from a pastime of creating and selling motorcycle-oriented leather goods. Through years of research. Dainese has created their specialized brand of gear—and with their brand comes an expectation of high quality, functionality, and performance that a select few can only match.


Dainese is one of the most respected names in the motorcycle apparel industry, and Stafford gloves are a perfect example of why. Do you want to keep riding even after it’s started raining? 

Well, Dainese’s D-Dry membrane–equipped Stafford gloves will make it possible. Here’s what to expect from the Italian moto badged glove. They are made from abrasion-resistant synthetic fabric. While for a good grip, the palm section is made from the Amica suede.


Further Stafford D-Dry Gloves are intended for use outdoors in the cold months. They feature a touchscreen compatible index finger to allow you to use your smartphone without removing your gloves first. The gloves also have velcro adjustments on the wrist.

The Stafford D-Dry gloves are a pair that offers high levels of protection right out of the box. Featuring knuckle armour with a reinforced palm, the gloves are ready for everyday riding and commuting while still being versatile enough to be used in the event of an unexpected rain shower. They are CE-rated EN 13594/2015 cat. II level 1.

Sizes range from XS to 3XL, starting from $79.95.

via Dainese

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