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The stars of the Blue Marble Radical Cup North America gathered under the glittering lights of California’s prestigious Folktale Winery for a grand evening celebrating the highlights and achievements of yet another enthralling season. Dubbed the “Night of Champions,” the event was not just about celebrating winners, but also the spirit of camaraderie, competition, and community that the series embodies.

Blue Marble Radical Cup North America

It’s this unique juxtaposition – the fervour and intensity of the races on the track and the close-knit, family-like bonds off of it – that sets the Radical Cup apart. In this paddock, it doesn’t matter if you’re a solo privateer or a part of a professional dealer team; the atmosphere of inclusivity and respect remains unbroken. It’s this ethos, so deeply embedded, that keeps the heart of the series beating so strongly year after year.



Folktale Winery

The tie-up with USAC not only provides the series with an esteemed sanction but also a window to grander platforms. It’s commendable how the Radical Cup has beautifully dovetailed with four significant INDYCAR events in 2023, paving the way for a unique blend of seasoned racers and budding talents.

The Radical Cup’s range is vast. It doesn’t just cater to the seasoned veterans but also opens its gates to newcomers, whether they’re karters eyeing a bigger playground or regional racers itching to showcase their prowess on a national stage.



While many series boast of their legacies, the Radical Cup’s alumni list reads like a who’s who of the racing world. From racers who’ve tasted the thrill of the iconic Le Mans to those who’ve stamped their authority on national and international podiums, the series has been a launching pad for numerous stellar careers.


As the evening winded down at Folktale Winery, the glint in every attendee’s eyes reflected not just the triumphs of the past season but also the promise of more thrilling races, tighter corners, and epic finishes. Here’s to the Blue Marble Radical Cup North America, where every season is not just about racing, but about celebrating the racing family!

Radical Motorsport

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