Perfect Weekend

It’s a perfect Friday afternoon in the second week of March, the sun still high in the sky, a lovely blue cloudless sky. There is no need for a jacket. I wouldn’t be writing this if there was one, at least not now. 

So here we are with nothing but time as we wait for Oberdan Bezzi to unveil the new ” GP TWIN 660 concept”, although no one will probably remember them by then.

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Can Gilera borrow technology from Aprilia?

Let’s imagine that Gilera decided to follow in the footsteps of Aprilia: starting from the legendary four-cylinder GP from Arcore, the engineers in Pontedera. It could have renewed its figures and raised them to a contemporary level. 

But where Aprilia is engaged, at least for the moment, only in “re-interpretations” of historical models (see Aprilia Caponord 1200 Rally).

Gilera could have thought instead of a completely new motorcycle (new-old?), respecting the proportions and details of the GPs but modernized in all respects.

Two Ideas

The concept of Gilera is born from the merger of two ideas: a concept and a group. The idea of ​​a class reunion, the idea of ​​a twin. This new Gilera takes APRILIA’S 660 as a fundamental point that drives its design. 

What do we have, then? The result was Gilera, with that distinctive square look from the bottom, is undoubtedly an unmistakable silhouette wherever you want to take it.

GP Style

The Gilera “Twin” is a motorbike of unique style. With its four-cylinder engine and modern technology at the service of maximum performance, it is equipped with the most innovative accessories currently available in the world of motorcycles −: a two-tone silencer in satin black that leaves the two exhaust pipes visible, a radical GP set-up, an electronic instrument panel and exceptional ergonomics.

The pinnacle of the Gilera tradition would thus live on. But it is more than just a concept because the logical step from the Aprilia 660 to use the same technology that has made ​​the rebirth of “Gilera” would be an obvious and excellent reality.

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