Cover-Suzuki GSX250R

Driving at night on a motorcycle is not a favourite thing anymore, especially if the headlight turns off in the middle of the ride. 

On March 4, there is a recall issue by Sukuzi Motor of America for the Suzuki GSX250R lighting issue. 

The problem reported is about the bulb of the headlight installed in the motorbikes “GSX250R”. 


Due to the bulb’s wrong headlight choice, resonance comes experienced at a specific engine’s specific speed, which causes the filament to swing up and down inside the bulb. 

The filament broken, causing the headlight to be perpetually off. 

The sudden loss of low or high light beam could affect the driver’s visibility with an increased risk of crashing.  

As per the market information, nine defects have been tracked so far with no accidental cases. 

The bikemaker is working to determine the source of the problem as a remedy to the issue.

 They will replace all the headlights of the vehicles and in addition to this. 

They will insert the clip, which will support the bulb to keep it intact.


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