Mercedes-Benz has teased a modern interpretation of the C111 supercar, a series of experimental vehicles produced between 1969 and 1979.

The teaser images show a sleek, aerodynamic design with pixel-style LED taillights. Mercedes has not yet revealed any details about the car’s powertrain, but an electric motor or a hybrid powertrain will likely power it. The modern C111 is expected to be unveiled later this year.


A Wankel rotary engine powered the original C111, but Mercedes later switched to diesel and gasoline engines. The C111 set several speed records during its development, including a top speed of 251 mph. The car was never produced, but it served as a testbed for new technologies, such as aerodynamics and lightweight construction.


Concept-teaser-for-modern-mercedes-benz-c111-3 Concept-teaser-for-modern-mercedes-benz-c111-3 Concept-teaser-for-modern-mercedes-benz-c111-3


The Mercedes C111 was a series of concept cars produced by Mercedes-Benz in the late 1960s and 1970s. The original C111, presented at the 1969 Frankfurt Auto Show, featured a rotary engine and showcased new design elements and technologies. Mercedes-Benz continued to develop and refine the C111 concept with subsequent iterations.

Over time, Mercedes-Benz made various improvements to the C111, including replacing the rotary engine with a more efficient diesel engine. Some versions of the C111 were used for high-speed testing at the Nardo test track in Italy, where they set multiple records. The final iteration of the original C111 series, the C111/IV, was equipped with a gas-powered 4.8-litre V-8 engine rated at 493 horsepower. During testing in 1979, it achieved a top speed of 251 mph (405 km/h).

Modern C111

The modern C111 will likely showcase Mercedes’ latest technologies, such as electric motors and battery technology. It could also preview a new design language for future Mercedes models. The car is expected to be unveiled later this year.

Sleek, aerodynamic design with a long, low nose and a sloping rear end. The car’s taillights comprise a series of pixel LEDs that can be arranged to create different patterns, including the car’s name

Here are some of the key features of the modern Mercedes-Benz C111:

  • Sleek, aerodynamic design
  • Pixel LED taillights
  • Electric or hybrid powertrain
  • The concept car, not a production model
  • Could preview a new design language for future Mercedes-Benz EVs


I’m excited to see what Mercedes-Benz has in store with the new C111. It looks like it could be a truly stunning car, and I’m eager to learn more about its powertrain and other features.


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