The Hero MotoCorp XPulse 420 launch has been postponed to early 2025. The project has been delayed by over a year to ensure the adventure motorcycle meets high standards before its world debut. The R&D team is currently working on fixing some issues that have arisen during the development process.


The early prototype of the XPulse 420 was revealed a few years ago, but there has been no news about the bike since then. The current XPulse 200 is known for its off-road capabilities but lacks power for highway cruising. 



XPulse 420

It offers a good ride in the city and has good fuel efficiency.

The XPulse 420 is being developed to cater to two sets of buyers: current XPulse 200 owners looking for an upgrade and new customers interested in the adventure motorcycle segment. In the 300-400cc ADV segment, the BMW G310GS, KTM 390 Adventure, and Royal Enfield 411 are dominant players. 

Two of these bikes are expected to be launched as next-generation models, which means the XPulse 420 will face competition when it finally hits the market.


The delay of the XPulse 420 is disappointing for many potential buyers. Still, it is essential to remember Hero MotoCorp is committed to quality and is taking the time to ensure the bike is ready for launch. 

The XPulse 420 has the potential to be a very successful motorcycle, and the delay is likely to be worth it in the long run.

Here are some of the features that are expected to be included in the XPulse 420:

  • 420cc single-cylinder engine
  • 30 horsepower and 30 Nm of torque
  • Spoked wheels
  • Long-travel suspension
  • Skid plate
  • Digital instrument cluster
  • LED headlights and taillights
  • Dual-channel ABS

There are a few reasons why the Hero XPulse 420 has been delayed.

  • Chip shortage: The global chip shortage has affected the production of many vehicles, including the XPulse 420. Hero MotoCorp has said that the chip shortage is one of the reasons for the delay.
  • Rising input costs: The rising cost of raw materials, such as steel and aluminium, has also contributed to the delay. Hero MotoCorp has said that the rising input costs have made it difficult to manufacture the XPulse 420 at a competitive price.
  • R&D delays: Hero MotoCorp has also said there have been some delays in the R&D process for the XPulse 420. This is likely because Hero MotoCorp is trying to develop a new engine for the XPulse 420 that is more powerful and fuel-efficient than the engine in the current XPulse 200.

We think the last and third could be the more appropriate reason why the new Xpluse 420 is delayed.

Here are some of the reasons why the Hero XPulse 420 is expected to be a success:

  • The growing popularity of adventure motorcycles: Adventure motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular, and the XPulse 420 is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend. The bike has several features that make it ideal for off-road riding, such as a long-travel suspension, spoked wheels, and a large fuel tank.
  • Competitive pricing: The XPulse 420 is expected to be priced competitively, making it an attractive option for buyers on a budget.
  • The Hero brand name: Hero MotoCorp is one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world, and its brand name is well-respected. This will give the XPulse 420 a leg up on the competition.


The XPulse 420 is expected to be a popular choice for off-road enthusiasts and everyday commuters. It will be interesting to see how it performs when it launches in early 2025.

The XPulse 420 will debut at the 2024 EICMA (Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori) show, followed by a launch in India in early 2025. The estimated price for the XPulse 420 is around Rs 2.5-2.7 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

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