Top 5 Motorcycle Songs-2

Motorcycles sure are a way of leisure and a way to get out of the stressful routine.

And there are ways where you could also listen to the songs while cruising on motorcycles.  

If we talk about motorcycles, there are large cruisers like the latest Honda Goldwing, an excellent example with a state-of-the-art electronic audio system.


While songs are one part, you will also require tools to listen.

And then there are audio manufacturers like Fodsports M1S Pro that manufactures Bluetooth intercom system that allows you to listen to music on motorcycles.

 Fodsports M1S Pro

At the same time, Kicker 4-Ohm Mini System can be mounted on the handlebars or elsewhere on your motorcycle. 

Kicker 4-Ohm Mini System

Also, many other audio systems are available in the market. We have tried to list the song from every genre while Rock dominates.

Here are Top 5 Motorcycle Songs you would wish to listen to while cruising on your motorcycle.

1.Night begins to shine:  

The song was made famous by the cartoon Teen Titans Go! T.V. Series. Vocals are by Frank Enea, who is part of the fictional band B.E.R. 

The song climbed to No 8 on the Billboard Kid Albums chart. The song falls in the Rock category.

The 80’s style inspired this song, and it was co-produced and co-written by B.E.R.

2.Rock Superstar : 

The band Cypress Hill released this second single in 2000 in the U.K. In 1988 the Senen Reyes and Ulpiano Sergio Reyes formed this band.

The song talks about dreaming of becoming the Rock Superstar and the struggles to get a large life.

3.Every breath you take :

The rock anthem became one of the most significant hit and is also in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll. 

Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, who goes by the famous name Sting has written this song.

The English band Police released this song in 1983, and it comes in the album Synchronicity. 

4.Hey you :

The song falls under the progressive rock genre. Roger Waters provides his vocals to this song which is part of the famous album ‘ The Wall ‘.

The album is all about the story of a Pink who isolates and retreats from society.

5.The night time is the right time :

It is a song by the four-member band Creedence Clearwater Revival (Creedence and C.C.R.). The band was active from 1959 to 1972.

After rhythm guitarist Tom Fogerty’s departure in 1972, both John and Tom Fogerty went solo while Doug Clifford and Stu Cook continued to work together.

In 1993 band received the place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


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