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This presentation focuses on the customized 1977 Ford Bronco 302, now up for auction on Bring a Trailer. Originating from 1977, this classic Bronco has undergone significant remodeling, blending its timeless design with contemporary enhancements. It features a striking blue metallic paint job contrasted by a white grille, chrome trim, and an upscale dual-pipe exhaust. Powered by a 302ci V8 engine, the vehicle boasts an upgraded suspension with Rancho shocks and 15-inch wheels. The interior is enhanced with custom tan leather, sophisticated instrumentation, and a modern audio system, creating a harmonious blend of classic style and modern amenities.

Why should you eye?

  • Iconic Heritage: The 1977 Ford Bronco 302 is revered for its classic American SUV design and historical significance, making it highly desirable among collectors.
  • Custom Upgrades: This Bronco features expert modifications, including a modernized interior and sleek exterior enhancements, merging vintage appeal with contemporary style.
  • Enhanced Performance: Equipped with a robust 302ci V8 engine and advanced suspension, it promises an exhilarating and reliable driving experience.
  • Investment Potential: As a well-maintained classic SUV, this Bronco is seen as a valuable asset likely to appreciate in value, attracting investment-minded enthusiasts.
  • Versatility: Beyond its collector appeal, the Bronco offers practicality for various uses, from casual drives to off-road adventures, thanks to its modern upgrades.

1977 Ford Bronco 302 Auction

The 1977 Ford Bronco 302, a custom-modified vehicle currently featured in an auction on Bring a Trailer, stands as a vivid testament to the dynamic evolution that classic cars can undergo through dedicated customization and modification. Originating from the production lines in 1977, this Bronco has traversed a remarkable journey, witnessing various owners and transformations before arriving at its current state.

Originally leaving the factory more than four decades ago, the 1977 Ford Bronco has been a canvas for automotive creativity, experiencing numerous changes in ownership and undergoing significant modifications. Its most recent chapter began with its purchase on Bring a Trailer in March 2021. Over the following two years, the vehicle was subject to further enhancements, not only maintaining its iconic status but also incorporating modern elements that elevate both its aesthetic appeal and performance capabilities.


Bring a Trailer Exclusive Vehicle

The exterior of the Bronco exudes a classic yet refreshed appearance. It is adorned with a dark blue metallic paint job that perfectly complements its vintage roots while also asserting a modern vibe. This paintwork is contrasted sharply by a white grille that sits above a shimmering chrome front bumper. Enhancing its rugged and robust look are the fender flares at each corner, dual chrome side mirrors, chrome handles, and a rear bumper-delete panel. This panel, intriguingly, features cutouts that accommodate the vehicle’s custom dual-pipe muffler arrangement, a nod to the meticulous attention to detail that has gone into this build.

What truly sets this Bronco apart are the notable modifications to its wheels and suspension. The vehicle is equipped with a set of 15-inch eight-hole Ultra wheels. These are not just any wheels, as they come shod in 35-inch General Grabber A/T tires, a choice that speaks volumes about the vehicle’s off-road readiness and robustness. The modifications extend to the suspension system, which has been upgraded to include Rancho shocks, allowing for increased travel and better handling of the rugged terrain this vehicle seems built to conquer.

Vintage Bronco Collector’s Item

Underneath the hood lies the heart of this beast – a 302ci (5.0-liter) V8 engine. This powertrain is not just about raw power; it’s about refined performance. It includes a single carburetor with a Ford Racing-branded air cleaner assembly, finned valve covers, an MSD electronic ignition, and an aluminum radiator. This is complemented by a three-speed automatic transmission and a dual-range transfer case equipped with twin-stick shifters, offering a driving experience that is both exhilarating and precise.

The interior of the Bronco is a blend of luxury and practicality. The custom-modified cabin features front bucket seats and a rear bench seat, all trimmed in bespoke perforated tan leather with diamond stitch-pattern inserts, adding a touch of elegance to the rugged exterior. The vehicle also boasts a Krawlers Edge roll cage and a removable tan soft top, offering both safety and versatility. The floors are coated with a bed-liner material, hidden beneath Coco mats, which not only adds to the aesthetic but also provides durability.

Retro Bronco with Modern Upgrades

The custom dash is a focal point, housing AutoMeter Pro-Comp instrumentation and a woodgrain Moto-Lita steering wheel, which adds a classic touch. For convenience and safety, the Bronco is equipped with a B&M shifter, three-point seat belts, and a modern aftermarket air conditioning system, ensuring comfort in various driving conditions. Entertainment needs are catered to by a Kenwood head unit and speaker setup, ensuring a pleasant auditory experience during drives.

An interesting feature of this Bronco is the power-retractable side steps, which not only enhance the vehicle’s functionality but also add to its sleek appearance.

This unique vehicle, a blend of classic design and modern modifications, is being sold by 1600Veloce, an elite service shop and dealership located in North Salem, New York. With its chassis number U15GL080147, the Bronco is making waves in the online auction space of Bring a Trailer. As of the latest update, the bidding stands at $35,000, with five days remaining in the sale.

Classic Car Auctions

This 1977 Ford Bronco 302 is more than just a vehicle; it’s a piece of automotive art that reflects the passion and dedication of those who have contributed to its evolution. It exemplifies how classic vehicles can be transformed with modern enhancements while still retaining their original charm and character. For automotive enthusiasts and collectors, this Bronco represents an opportunity to own a piece of history, one that has been lovingly and expertly crafted into a unique and desirable machine.


The remarkable 1977 Ford Bronco 302, a blend of classic design and modern technology, is now open for bidding on Bring a Trailer. If you are a collector or enthusiast in search of a distinctive vehicle that combines vintage Bronco charm with the enhancements of contemporary modifications, look no further. Featuring a striking blue metallic exterior and custom tan leather interior, along with a powerful 302ci V8 engine and an upgraded suspension, the Bronco exemplifies meticulous craftsmanship and style. Seize the opportunity to own a piece of automotive history by visiting Bring a Trailer to place your bid and possibly claim this exceptional vehicle.


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