Unveiling the Ford GT40 Replica

The Ford GT40 replica from the “Ford v Ferrari” film is for sale at Exotic Motorsports of Oklahoma, priced at $254,995. This modern replica by Cape Advanced Vehicles features a stainless steel monocoque chassis and a powerful 7.0-liter Ford Racing V8 engine, capable of 436hp. Originally adorned with a Gulf Oil race livery, it was wrapped in Indigo Blue vinyl for the film, preserving the original design.

Used as a static display in the movie, this collector’s item includes a certificate of authenticity and memorabilia. Its combination of performance, cinematic history, and aesthetic appeal makes it a unique investment opportunity for enthusiasts.

Ford GT40 Replica for Sale

The Ford GT40 replica, prominently featured in the critically acclaimed 2019 movie “Ford v Ferrari,” is currently on the market through Exotic Motorsports of Oklahoma. This vehicle is a meticulously crafted modern replica, constructed by the South African company Cape Advanced Vehicles. It stands out for its robust full stainless steel monocoque chassis, a distinct feature that differentiates it from the original models.


Ford v Ferrari Movie Car

At the core of this replica lies a powerful 7.0-liter small block Ford Racing V8 engine, which is notable for its aluminum race heads and electronic fuel injection. The engine is paired with a four-speed Colloti manual gearbox. This configuration is not just for show; it endows the car with impressive performance capabilities, including the ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in approximately 4.5 seconds. The engine’s output is formidable, delivering 436 horsepower and 474 foot-pounds of torque to the rear wheels.

Aesthetically, the car originally sported a replica of the iconic Gulf Oil race livery, a homage to the racing heritage of the GT40. However, for its role in the movie, the car underwent a transformation. Instead of a complete repaint, it was wrapped in a classic Indigo Blue vinyl, a decision that helped preserve the original Gulf livery underneath. This choice not only maintained the car’s historical authenticity but also added a layer of versatility to its appearance.

Exotic Motorsports of Oklahoma

The GT40 replica’s involvement in the film “Ford v Ferrari” was primarily as a static display vehicle. It was not used in racing or dynamic driving scenes but still played a significant role in the movie. It appeared in various shots, both in the foreground and background, adding to the film’s authentic and engaging depiction of the historic Le Mans racing era.

The key analysis of the sale of the Ford GT40 replica from the “Ford v Ferrari” movie includes several notable points:

  • Authenticity and Collectible Value: The GT40 being a replica made by Cape Advanced Vehicles, already holds a distinct position as a modern recreation of a historic car. Its inclusion in the “Ford v Ferrari” film significantly enhances its collectible value, especially with the inclusion of a certificate of authenticity and movie memorabilia.
  • Engineering and Performance: The car is not just a showpiece; it’s equipped with a robust 7.0-liter small block Ford Racing V8 engine and a four-speed Colloti manual gearbox. This setup offers formidable performance capabilities, such as a 0-60 mph acceleration time of around 4.5 seconds, and power output of 436hp and 474ft-lbs of torque.
  • Aesthetic and Historical Significance: Originally completed with a Gulf Oil race livery, which is significant in motorsport history, the car was wrapped in Indigo Blue vinyl for the movie. This preserves the original livery while aligning with the film’s aesthetic needs, enhancing its historical significance.
  • Film Role and Presentation: The car’s role as a static display in the movie, rather than being used in action scenes, likely helped preserve its condition. Its presence in various shots contributes to its cinematic appeal.
  • Market Value: The asking price of $254,995 reflects its unique status as a modern replica with historical and cinematic significance. This price point targets a niche market of collectors and film enthusiasts who value both automotive and cinematic history.
  • Investment Potential: For investors and collectors, this car represents a unique opportunity. It combines automotive history, modern engineering, and film memorabilia, potentially making it a valuable addition to a collection, both in terms of monetary value and historical importance.

Cape Advanced Vehicles GT40

The sale of this Ford GT40 replica presents a unique opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts, combining high-performance engineering, historical significance, and a unique place in cinematic history.

Table outlining the pros and cons of the Ford GT40 replica from the “Ford v Ferrari” movie:

Historical Significance: Replica of an iconic car, coupled with its role in a popular film, adds to its historical value.Price: The asking price of $254,995 might be prohibitive for some buyers.
Authenticity and Memorabilia: Comes with a certificate of authenticity and memorabilia, enhancing its collectibility.Replica Status: It’s a replica, not an original GT40, which might affect its value for some collectors.
Performance: Equipped with a powerful 7.0-liter Ford Racing V8 engine, offering impressive performance capabilities.Limited Use in Film: Used as a static display in the film, which might detract from its appeal to some enthusiasts.
Aesthetic Appeal: Preserved Gulf Oil race livery under the Indigo Blue vinyl wrap adds to its visual appeal.Maintenance and Upkeep: High-performance vehicles like this require significant maintenance and upkeep.
Investment Potential: Could appreciate in value due to its unique combination of modern engineering and cinematic fame.Practicality: As a high-value collector’s item, it might not be practical for regular use or driving.
Cinematic Fame: Featured in a critically acclaimed film, which can attract interest beyond traditional car enthusiasts.Niche Appeal: Its appeal is specific to a niche market of car collectors and film enthusiasts.

Ford Racing V8 Engine

For collectors and enthusiasts, the sale of this car presents a unique opportunity. It is being offered with a certificate of authenticity, which serves as a testament to its role in the film and its value as a collectible item. Additionally, the sale includes signed posters and other memorabilia related to the “Ford v Ferrari” movie. The asking price for this piece of cinematic and automotive history is set at $254,995, reflecting its unique blend of modern engineering, historical significance, and cinematic fame.


For automotive enthusiasts and collectors intrigued by the unique blend of cinematic history and high-performance engineering, the Ford GT40 replica from the “Ford v Ferrari” movie represents a rare opportunity. If you’re interested in owning a piece of movie and automotive history, consider exploring this unique offering. Visit Exotic Motorsports of Oklahoma’s website or contact their team for more details about this exceptional vehicle. Don’t miss your chance to add this iconic car, complete with its rich legacy and powerful features, to your collection. Act now to seize this opportunity to own a part of film and racing history.

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