The Triumph TR25 concept car, designed by Makkina, pays homage to the Triumph TR2 MCV575 “Jabbeke” from 1953.

Key Features

  • It is a modern interpretation of the classic Triumph TR2.
  • The concept is powered by an electric motor, which gives it a zero-emissions range of up to 153 miles.
  • The car has a minimalist interior with a single seat and a simple binnacle behind the wheel.
  • Based on the BMW i3s platform, it has a top speed of 140 mph and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 6.8 seconds.
  • It is a concept car, so there is no guarantee it will ever go into production.

Inspired from TR2

The concept takes design inspiration from the TR2, incorporating several styling elements from the original car. Its minimalist exterior features short overhangs, large wheels, and sharp creases over the fenders. The front of the car showcases two headlights with a “25” in the centre to celebrate Makkina’s 25th anniversary.


At the rear, the TR25 concept exhibits thin, vertical taillights cut through the back and frame the Triumph word mark. The overall design is clean and straightforward. The single-seat cabin is driver-focused, with a simple binnacle behind the steering wheel displaying essential information such as battery range, road speed, and charge level.


The steering wheel, reminiscent of the “Jabbeke,” incorporates modern technology and includes a self-centering dial for displaying vital vehicle information, accessing navigation, and changing drive modes. Additionally, there is an optional flip-out jump seat for a passenger.

The concept car is built on the BMW i3s platform, with BMW owning the trademark for the Triumph Motor Company. Makkina collaborated with BMW on the project. The BMW i3s platform features an AC electric motor producing 181 horsepower and 199 pound-feet torque.

According to the US EPA rating, the original BMW i3s could accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 6.8 seconds and offered a range of up to 153 miles on a single charge. However, specific powertrain details for the TR25 concept were not provided by Makkina.


BMW ceased production of the i3 at the end of 2022, marking the end of the EV/hybrid hatchback’s nearly nine-year run. The Triumph TR2 MCV575 “Jabbeke” achieved fame by breaking the land speed record for production cars under 2.0 litres in May 1953. The original vehicle, equipped with streamlined parts such as an under shield, rear wing splats, and a metal cockpit cover for improved aerodynamics, is currently housed at the British Motor Museum.

Pros of the Triumph TR25 Concept Car:

  • Styling and Design: The TR25 concept car pays homage to the iconic Triumph TR2 “Jabbeke” and incorporates several styling elements from the original car. It features a minimalist and clean design with sharp creases, short overhangs, and big wheels, giving it a modern and attractive appearance.

  • Electric Powertrain: The TR25 concept uses an AC electric motor borrowed from the BMW i3s platform. Electric powertrains offer environmental benefits by producing zero tailpipe emissions and reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

  • Modern Technology: The TR25 concept integrates modern technology into its design. The driver-focused cabin includes a digital display behind the steering wheel for vital vehicle information, a self-centering dial, and the ability to change drive modes and access navigation. These features enhance convenience and provide a connected driving experience.

Cons of the Triumph TR25 Concept Car:

  • Concept Status: The TR25 is not currently available for production or sale as a concept car. It is uncertain whether it will ever reach production or remain a design study. Concept cars often showcase design direction and technology experimentation, but not all concepts make it to production.

  • Limited Details: While the TR25 concept draws inspiration from the BMW i3s platform, specific powertrain and performance details are not provided by Makkina. Without comprehensive information about the electric powertrain, evaluating its capabilities, range, and charging infrastructure compatibility is difficult.

  • Passenger Capacity: The TR25 concept is primarily a single-seat car with an optional flip-out jump seat for a passenger. This limited seating arrangement may not be practical for everyday use or accommodate more than one passenger comfortably.


The Triumph TR25 Concept Car by Makkina pays tribute to the Triumph TR2 “Jabbeke” and showcases a stunning design that merges classic styling with modern elements. While the concept car presents several appealing features, such as its minimalist exterior, electric powertrain, and integration of modern technology, TR25 is currently in the concept stage, and many details regarding its production feasibility, performance, and practicality are not provided.

As a concept car, the TR25’s fate and potential for production remain uncertain. It serves as a design study and demonstrates Makkina’s vision for a modern electric vehicle inspired by the Triumph legacy. While it is exciting to see the continuation of the Triumph name in the automotive world, it is important to approach the TR25 understanding that it may or may not become a reality.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve, the TR25 concept represents an exploration of design possibilities and the potential for electric powertrains in future Triumph vehicles. Only time will tell if the TR25 or similar concepts will transition from the drawing board to the production line.



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