The emergence of spy shots for a TVS Apache RR 310-based naked bike indicates that TVS will likely introduce a new model based on the same platform.

While the BMW G 310 R is already available as a naked bike using the BMW/TVS co-developed 312cc engine platform, the TVS RR 310-based naked bike appears to have a distinct design that sets it apart from the BMW model.


The spy shots reveal several notable design elements, including edgy styling, boxy 8-spoke alloy wheels, tank extensions with faux air intakes, and a small fairing piece on the side. The seat unit seems to be shared with its faired sibling, featuring a prominent step-up for the passenger. The bike retains certain components from the RR 310, such as the Michelin Road 5 tires and suspension.


TVS Apache RTR 310 price, India launch date, design.

It’s worth noting that the test mule seen in the spy shots may not represent the final production-spec version. Some aspects, such as the rear subframe’s carbon fibre cowling and the absence of road-legal necessities like indicators, a number plate, or a saree guard, suggest this is an early prototype.

RR 310

With the Apache RR 310 has been on sale for more than five years and has undergone multiple revisions during that time, it seems like an opportune moment for TVS to introduce another model based on the platform.

Once launched in India, the naked bike is expected to compete with rivals such as the Triumph Speed 400, BMW G 310 R, and the next-generation KTM 390 Duke.

Pros of the TVS Apache RR 310-based naked bike:

  • Unique design: The bike’s edgy design and distinctive styling elements set it apart from its competitors, giving it a unique and appealing look.
  • Performance: The bike is based on the TVS Apache RR 310, which has proven to be a capable performer with its 312cc engine. The naked version is expected to perform similarly, providing an exhilarating riding experience.
  • Shared components: The naked bike shares components with the Apache RR 310, so TVS can leverage existing technology and engineering expertise. This could result in a well-engineered and reliable motorcycle.
  • Competitive pricing: TVS has traditionally offered its bikes at competitive prices, making them accessible to a wider range of riders. If the naked bike follows suit, it could offer good value for money in its segment.

Cons of the TVS Apache RR 310-based naked bike:

  • Limited information: Since the bike is yet to be officially launched, there is limited information about its specifications, features, and performance. Without concrete details, it is challenging to assess any potential drawbacks accurately.
  • Unproven reliability: While TVS is known for producing reliable motorcycles, the naked bike based on the RR 310 platform is a new model. It is important to wait for real-world reviews and customer feedback to evaluate its long-term reliability.
  • Limited market availability: Initially, the bike may only be available in specific markets, such as India, where TVS has a strong presence. This could restrict its availability to riders in other regions who might be interested in the model.
  • Competitor offerings: The naked bike segment is highly competitive, with established players like Triumph and BMW already offering popular models. The TVS Apache RR 310-based naked bike will have to compete against these well-established rivals, which could challenge market acceptance and brand recognition.


The TVS Apache RR 310-based naked bike holds promise with its unique design, expected performance, shared components, and potentially competitive pricing. However, limited information and unproven reliability are factors to consider until more details are released, and real-world reviews become available.

Additionally, the bike may initially have limited market availability and face tough competition from established players in the naked bike segment.

Overall, the success of the TVS Apache RR 310-based naked bike will depend on how well it delivers on its expected features, performance, and price point and its ability to compete in a crowded market.


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