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BMW Motorrad has unveiled its 2024 lineup, including the latest G 310 RR motorcycle version. The G 310 RR will now be available in an updated Cosmic Black 2 paint theme, with the chassis and sub-frame painted in Racing Red.

The fairing will also feature updated decals. It’s important to note that BMW Motorrad has not released pictures of this new paint theme for the G 310 RR, unlike the G 310 R and G 310 GS models.

New shade

As part of the changes, BMW has discontinued the previous Cosmic Black paint theme for the G 310 RR. The new Cosmic Black 2 colour option and the existing triple-tone Style Sports paint theme will be offered.


The overall styling of the G 310 RR remains unchanged, featuring a twin-pod projector-style headlight, full-fairing, split-style seats, side-slung exhaust, and clip-on-style handlebars.

BMW G 310 RR

Black Storm Metallic

The hardware components, such as upside-down front forks, rear mono-shock, and disc brakes on both wheels, remain the same. The motorcycle rides on 17-inch five-spoke alloy wheels fitted with tubeless tires.


The mechanical specifications of the 2024 G 310 RR remain unchanged as well. It will continue to be powered by a 313cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine with a dual-overhead-camshaft and four-valve setup. This engine is mated to a six-speed gearbox. In the Track and Sport modes, the engine delivers a maximum output of 33.5bhp at 9,700rpm and a peak torque of 27.3Nm at 7,700rpm.

The power figures in Rain and Urban modes are limited to 25.4bhp at 7,700rpm and 25Nm at 6,700rpm. The company claims a top speed of 160kmph in Track and Sport modes, while it is limited to 125kmph in Rain and Urban modes.

bmw-g-310-rr-2023-new shade


New shade Style Sports

The new paint theme for the G 310 RR is expected to be launched in India soon. Sources suggest that the updated G 310 models, including the G 310 RR, will arrive at dealerships in India by the end of July 2023.


The BMW G 310 RR competes in the entry-level sportbike segment. Some of its competitors include:

  • KTM RC 390: The KTM RC 390 is a popular choice in the segment, featuring aggressive styling, a powerful 373cc engine, and advanced features like a slipper clutch and adjustable suspension.

  • Yamaha YZF-R3: The Yamaha YZF-R3 offers a refined riding experience with its smooth 321cc engine, lightweight chassis, and sporty design. It is known for its nimble handling and comfortable ergonomics.

  • Kawasaki Ninja 400: The Kawasaki Ninja 400 boasts a larger displacement with a 399cc parallel-twin engine. It offers a good balance of power and agility, with sporty styling and modern features.

  • Honda CBR300R: The Honda CBR300R is a lightweight and user-friendly sportbike powered by a 286cc single-cylinder engine. It provides a comfortable riding position and is often praised for its reliability.

  • Suzuki GSX250R: The Suzuki GSX250R is a compact sportbike with a 248cc parallel-twin engine. It offers a blend of style, performance, and fuel efficiency, making it an attractive option for entry-level riders.

Pros of the BMW G 310 RR:

  • Brand Reputation: BMW Motorrad is a well-respected and renowned brand known for its quality, engineering, and performance. Owning a BMW motorcycle can enhance the overall ownership experience.

  • Styling and Design: The G 310 RR features a sporty, aggressive design with a full-fairing, twin-pod projector-style headlight and eye-catching decals. It has a visually appealing presence on the road.

  • Performance: The 313cc single-cylinder engine delivers good power and torque figures, providing an enjoyable riding experience. The track and sport modes offer higher performance capabilities, while rain and urban modes provide a more controlled and efficient ride.

  • Handling: The G 310 RR’s lightweight chassis and nimble and agile nature allow easy manoeuvrability in city traffic and tight corners. It offers a sporty and engaging riding experience.

  • Build Quality: BMW motorcycles are known for their high build quality and attention to detail. The G 310 RR will likely maintain the brand’s standards, ensuring a durable and reliable motorcycle.

Cons of the BMW G 310 RR:

  • Price: As a premium brand, BMW motorcycles tend to be more expensive than some of its competitors in the entry-level sportbike segment. The G 310 RR may have a higher price tag, which could be a drawback for price-conscious buyers.

  • Limited Availability: BMW Motorrad dealerships may be limited in some regions, making it less accessible for potential buyers. This could be a concern if your area has limited service and support options.

  • Lack of Updates: While the G 310 RR receives a new paint theme, the overall design and specifications remain unchanged. Some riders may prefer a more significant update or the inclusion of advanced features found in competing models.

  • Intense Riding Position: The G 310 RR’s sporty design means that it has a more aggressive riding position with forward-leaning clip-on handlebars. This may be unsuitable for riders seeking a more upright and relaxed riding stance.

  • Competitor Alternatives: The entry-level sportbike segment has several strong competitors, each offering its features and advantages. It’s worth considering alternatives from other brands to find the best motorcycle that suits your preferences and needs.


The BMW G 310 RR is a sporty entry-level motorcycle that combines performance, style, and the prestige of the BMW Motorrad brand. It features a sporty design, full fairing, aggressive styling, and a powerful 313cc engine.

The track and sport modes provide higher performance capabilities, while rain and urban modes offer controlled and efficient riding. The G 310 RR is built with BMW’s outstanding quality and attention to detail, ensuring durability and reliability.


However, it’s important to consider the price, as BMW motorcycles tend to be more expensive than some competitors in the segment. Availability of BMW Motorrad dealerships and service centres should also be considered, as it may vary depending on your location. Additionally, the G 310 RR’s riding position is more aggressive, which may not suit riders seeking a more upright and relaxed stance.

Ultimately, choosing the BMW G 310 RR depends on individual preferences, budget, and availability of alternatives. Exploring other options in the entry-level sportbike segment and considering personal riding needs will help ensure the right choice.

BMW Motorrad

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