TVS Unveils the Norton V4CR Café Racer

TVS Motors unveiled the Norton V4CR Café Racer at the 2024 Bharat Expo, marking a significant milestone in its journey with the iconic Norton brand since its acquisition. This strategic showcase highlights TVS’s ambitions to tap into the premium motorcycle segment, despite acknowledging the limited market for such niche motorcycles in India.

The V4CR Café Racer, boasting a 1200cc V4 engine with 185bhp and 125Nm of peak torque, exemplifies high-end performance with its Ohlins suspension and advanced electronics.

Although there are no immediate plans to launch it in India, this move signals TVS’s commitment to expanding its premium portfolio and exploring the potential of Norton in both Indian and international markets.


Rumors suggest that TVS may even localize production of Norton motorcycles at its Hosur plant, aiming to make a significant impact in the global premium motorcycle arena. This article delves into TVS’s strategic unveiling, the technical marvels of the Norton V4CR Café Racer, and the broader vision for Norton under TVS’s stewardship, positioning TVS as a formidable player in the high-end motorcycle segment.

Introduction to TVS’s Premium Endeavor with Norton

TVS Motors, a major player in the global motorcycle industry, recently made headlines with the unveiling of the Norton V4CR Café Racer at the 2024 Bharat Expo. This event marked a significant milestone for TVS, showcasing their first Norton motorcycle in India since acquiring the iconic British brand.

The decision to introduce such a premium motorcycle at the Bharat Expo underscores TVS’s commitment to diversifying its portfolio and tapping into the niche premium motorcycle segment.

TVS’s Strategic Exhibition of the Norton V4CR Café Racer

A Glimpse into the Premium Motorcycle Market in India

Despite the lack of plans to launch the V4CR Café Racer in the Indian market, TVS’s strategy to display this motorcycle at a prestigious event highlights its intentions to build brand awareness and gauge market interest in high-end motorcycles. This move also serves as an indicator of TVS’s broader ambitions to establish Norton as a premium marque in India, despite acknowledging the currently limited market for such niche products.

The Norton V4CR Café Racer: A Blend of Performance and Style

The Norton V4CR Café Racer stands out with its impressive 1200cc V4 engine, delivering a robust 185bhp and 125Nm of peak torque. The motorcycle is equipped with premium components, including Ohlins suspension and advanced electronics, setting a high standard for performance and handling.

Despite its unique styling, which may not align with the traditional preferences of the majority of Indian riders, the V4CR Café Racer offers unparalleled road presence and a glimpse into the potential of high-performance café racers in the Indian market.

The Technical Marvel: Exploring the Norton V4CR Café Racer’s Features

Engine and Performance

The heart of the Norton V4CR Café Racer is its powerful 1200cc V4 engine. This powerhouse is engineered for high performance, delivering an impressive 185bhp. The peak torque of 125Nm ensures that the motorcycle has ample pulling power across a wide range of speeds, making it a thrill for enthusiasts and a testament to Norton’s engineering prowess.

Suspension and Electronics

A key aspect of the V4CR Café Racer’s appeal is its sophisticated suspension system provided by Ohlins, a renowned name in motorcycle suspension technology. This, coupled with a suite of advanced electronics, ensures that the motorcycle offers a riding experience that is both exhilarating and secure. Riders can expect not only top-tier performance but also a level of control and comfort that is unmatched in the café racer segment.

TVS’s Vision for Norton: Expanding the Premium Motorcycle Portfolio

Future Plans for Norton under TVS

TVS has not been subtle about its ambitions for the Norton brand. The unveiling of the V4CR Café Racer is just the beginning, with rumors suggesting that a range of Norton motorcycles are in development for both the Indian and international markets. This strategic expansion into the premium motorcycle segment is a clear indication of TVS’s commitment to leveraging Norton’s heritage and performance pedigree to capture a larger share of the high-end market.

Manufacturing in India: A Strategic Advantage

One of the most intriguing aspects of TVS’s strategy is the potential for manufacturing Norton motorcycles at its Hosur plant in India. This move would not only be a significant boost for the Make in India initiative but also provide TVS with a strategic advantage in terms of production costs and pricing.

By localizing the production of Norton motorcycles, TVS could effectively compete in the global premium motorcycle market, offering high-quality products at competitive prices.

Conclusion: TVS’s Bold Leap into the Premium Motorcycle Arena

The introduction of the Norton V4CR Café Racer at the 2024 Bharat Expo is a clear signal of TVS’s intentions to make a significant impact on the premium motorcycle segment. By showcasing this high-performance, stylish café racer, TVS is not only paying homage to Norton’s storied history but also setting the stage for a future where Norton motorcycles become a coveted brand in India and beyond.

With a strategic focus on expanding its premium offerings and potentially localizing production, TVS is poised to redefine the premium motorcycle landscape, offering enthusiasts around the world the chance to experience the legendary performance and heritage of Norton motorcycles.

Discover the pinnacle of premium motorcycling with the Norton V4CR Café Racer. TVS Motors invites enthusiasts and connoisseurs to explore the rich heritage and advanced engineering that define the Norton brand. As we unveil the V4CR Café Racer, a testament to performance and style, join us in witnessing the dawn of a new era in the premium motorcycle segment.

Whether you’re captivated by the allure of high-performance café racers or intrigued by the future possibilities of Norton under TVS’s ambitious vision, there’s never been a more exciting time to be part of this journey. Stay tuned for updates on our expanding premium portfolio and the potential localization of Norton motorcycle production.

Embrace the legacy, ride the legend – become part of the Norton story today. Explore more, express your interest, and connect with us to be the first to know about our upcoming launches and exclusive insights. Your premium motorcycle experience awaits.


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