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Bajaj to resurrect Excelsior-Henderson

Well, we see the comeback by Excelsior-Henderson as Bajaj has secured the naming rights not only for the Indian market. But for various markets which now includes for Europe. History of Excelsior-Henderson Founded in 1876 as a manufacturer that produced the bicycles as well as bicycle components. In 1905 Excelsior unveiled its very first motorcycle. […]Read More

Norton confirms the 2021 Atlas Norton Range

Norton a few days ago had filed trademarks for six new motorcycles now have confirmed the Atlas range. The Atlas range will be available from 2021. All you need to do is register here. Before its acquisition by TVS Norton’s then-boss in 2018 Stuart Garner came with two variants. Ranger and Nomad under Atlas segment. […]Read More

Norton wants to fulfil pending orders

In July 2020 Indian motorcycle manufacturer TVS acquires Norton motorcycles. As a CEO we also saw TVS bringing John Russell on board. While we had an opportunity to cover every detail about the events now, Norton wants to deliver all the pending orders. Top 6 things about TVS star city How TVS will shape Norton? Next-generation Ducati […]Read More

1961 Norton ES2

Few significant events took place in 1927, and they are. Bond frontman Roger Moore is born. First non-stop solo flight in the Spirit of St. Louis by Charles Lindbergh. At Wembley, Cardiff City knocks Arsenal 1–0 to win the FA cup and For motorcycle fans, its the glorious year as Norton makes the headlines by […]Read More

How TVS will shape Norton?

The recent acquisition of Norton Motorcycles by TVS shows a confident move by Top Indian Motorcycle Manufacturer. While TVS gets credit for acquisition and an opportunity to extend its capabilities, it will be essential to see how TVS shapes Norton in future? The acquisition does show TVS is ready to splurge its cash reservoirs to […]Read More

Based on 650cc Norton engine Zongshen to bring adventure motorcycles

Before the chain of unprecedented financial tirades. British legendary Norton motorcycle brand responsible for creating brilliant motorcycles. And Chinese aggressive motorcycle brand Zongshen trying to spread its wings across the planet had joined their hands to deliver new machines. They signed this agreement in April 2019. Under the contract. Zongshen is liable to use the […]Read More

TVS gets one step closer to buying Norton

Do Norton Motorcycles have a silver lining? That is a question, we have been asking ourselves for a while now. But it does seem like Norton is moving in safe hands as TVS gets one step closer to buying Norton. Which we have hinted previously. While in the past Indian motorcycle manufacturer Kinetic Motoroyale has already pulled […]Read More

Is TVS in the bid to buy Norton?

The motorcycle market is in a lot of whirlwinds as the economy of every country is hit due to COVID-19. Contrary to it, there’s Norton saga that started by the end of last year. While at present, we know Norton Motorcycles is under administration, and there is a hunt for a suitable buyer. It doesn’t […]Read More

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