In November 2020, Norton filed trademarks for six new motorcycles that confirmed the Atlas range. The Atlas range was said to be available from 2021. 

Before its acquisition by TVS Norton’s then-boss in 2018, Stuart Garner came with two variants. Ranger and Nomad under Atlas segment. It was Norton Atlas range or rather is.

The Atlas engines were to be 650cc, parallel-twin motor from Norton capable of producing the 84bhp power and 64Nm torque and has 824mm seat height.


However, now in a current email, Norton Sales Team confirms the production of Norton Atlas no sooner than 2023.


“Over the last few months, we have been busy moving to our new headquarters in Solihull.Expanding our team of experts and developing the processes needed to guarantee high-quality production standards. 

With the arrival of our new CEO, we have also been working on our new product plan. And we expect this to be finalised soon.

As you have previously registered an interest in our Atlas. We must inform you that we cannot guarantee that we will go ahead with the production of this model until the product plan is completed. 

That being said, if we do decide to produce it, we want to be clear that production will begin no earlier than 2023.

We understand that this news may be disappointing. But rest assured that we are working hard behind the scenes to deliver a prosperous future for Norton. 

It’s an exciting time to be following Norton’s journey, and we look forward to revealing our new range to you soon!

When our timeline and product plan is finalised, we will be sure to update you “.

However, the sentence ” That being said, if we do decide to produce it”  in the above email is a mix and questions whether Norton wants to go ahead with the production of the Atlas range.

 via Norton Motorcycles


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