In a bid to bring the new lineup the TVS owned Norton has filed trademarks for its six new motorcycles.

The six names are filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

And the names are “Norton Nomad “, “Ranger“, “Electra “, “Fastback “, “Navigator “and “Combat “.


A few months ago Norton was acquired by TVS with close to US$20.8 Million.

There’s a saying which is ” History repeats itself “, and the same thing has happened here.

Apart from Combat, all the names of the motorcycles or rather all the motorcycles were present in the ’70s.

The Navigator ran from 1960-65 and the Electra from 1963-65 and had 349cc and 383cc motors respectively.

Ranger ran from 1967 to 1969. 

Commando 750 also came with the name as Fastback. Later in 1972 Commando was stacked with the new motor dubbed as “Combat”.

Later in 2018, Stuart Garner came up with Atlas with two variants, Ranger and Nomad.

All these six names come under the category of “vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land; motorcycles; mopeds; scooters; mobility.”  

Which clearly shows TVS plans to use these names for its upcoming motorcycles.

The current Norton website shows us four different variants V4RR, V4SS, Atlas Nomad and Atlas Ranger.






Atlas Nomad

Atlas Ranger

It shows Commando and Dominator are discontinued from the lineup, and new motorcycles are expected to fill this void.

Source: Norton History



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