Leoncino 500 combines tradition, myth and passion with contemporary style, innovation and performance. 

A tribute to a legend of Italian motorcycling largely contributed to the history of the brand and today finds its identity in the modern world.

Engine and Chassis

It comes with a twin-cylinder four-stroke engine, liquid-cooled, 500cc, with a maximum power of 47,6 CV (35 kW) at 8500 rpm and maximum torque of 46 Nm (4,6 kgm) at 6000 rpm. 


Benelli Leoncino 500 engine. Picture Courtesy Krakow parts

Also, it features wet-sump lubrication, electronic injection, overhead double camshaft timing system, four valves per cylinder, hydraulic clutch and a 6-speed gearbox. The steel trellis frame ensures maximum versatility and manoeuvrability.


The Design from CentroStile Benelli perfectly matches the motorcycles sharp forms with harmonious lines all while excluding the pure emotion.

The front fender, proudly displays the Lion of Pesaro, on the fuel tank and seat. All emphasize the personality of this all-new Leoncino.

Electronic Package 

ABS, digital instrumentation and projectors with LED technology make an exceptionally high-quality product.

It represents an original and pure-hearted design concept that rediscovers the style and accessibility of the original. 

All while delivering a contemporary motorcycle that provides a sporty and exciting experience. Original.


Street bike elegant, fast and compact, Leoncino has 17” alloy wheels, and it delivers maximum pleasure on the road. The tyres are 120/70-ZR17 at the front, 160/60ZR17 rear, guaranteeing stability and performance in any condition. 

The front suspension features an upside-down 45mm fork, mated to 4 piston brake callipers gripping 320mm discs

A laterally mounted shock absorber controls the rear swingarm’s movement, and a 260mm disc handles braking with a single-piston calliper.


Leoncino is available in red, silver, brown and black colours.


In North America, the Benelli Leoncino comes with a price tag of 6,199 USD around Rs 4.60 Lakh.



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