Kromworks based in Jakarta, Indonesia is no less than what we call ‘Wizards of Custom’.

The idea to cast the spell and bring the desired output is something the folks at Kromworks know very well.


We have been taking a look at there every build, and while the creativity is beyond par. There is also no dearth of alternative thinking.

In the past, they have done some remarkable job. And this we came to know while taking a look at there portfolio on Facebook and Instagram.

And we are confident you may not regret visiting their social media handles.

Let’s get back to the point where we say. The job with playing metals is not so easy as Kromworks had made to look.

So hold on tight while we talk about one such build which we are sure will fascinate you.

And this also shows what folks at Kromworks are capable of doing. The cool chic arrives from base model Royal Enfield Bullet 500.

Cool chic

Before we dwell any further let’s take a look at what is Bullet 500. The Royal Enfield is the name synonym to motorcycle realm since 1931.

When the Bullet 500 arrived on the motorcycle scene, it had four valves per cylinder in an exposed form with an option to choose between 300 and 500 ccs. It also had a compression ratio of 8.5:1.

A Keihin electronic fuel injection kit supported the motor. The behemoth 499cc power plant makes 27 bhp at 5,300 revs with 41 Nm at 4,000 rpm.

The motor comes with the five-speed transmission, and remarkably the force exerted by the engine is directed by the final drive chain.

Braking duties are performed by drum setup at the rear and two-piston calliper with 280 mm brake rotor at the front.

The captivating structure gets support by a pair of 19 inch laced alloy wheels. The wheels, in turn, are aided by telescopic 1.38-inch forks supported by fully-adjustable shock absorbers.

On the other end, the 21-inch wheels get the Shinko tires.

The entire structure weighs 187 kg (wet). The folks at Kromworks has displayed the superior craftsmanship.

Apart from the Bullet 500 motor, every other component built in-house.

It goes to show what these guys have thought and they have accomplished more than what they had thought.

It is a piece of art which is subtle, praiseworthy and hard to accomplish. Well, as we open something more, you are sure to get surprised.

Because some of you may say you gotta be kidding me.

What is it? 

Kromworks just made the entire build from scratch in only 3650 person-hours which is close to five months. Now, what is more, praiseworthy than this?

Better raise the game if you are thinking to build any custom.

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