Yamaha Taiwan unveils new “BW’S.”

 Yamaha Taiwan unveils new “BW’S.”

Yamaha has launched the “BW’S” with a fully evolved function and performance. With a total of 4 car colours and will be on sale from November 4.


Not bound by the framework-“Liberation” has always been the common spirit of the “BW’S” car series.

Shining Orange (Extinction)

The rich riding fun and unique hardcore styling and functions have allowed the “BW’S” car series to be loved by car owners for a long time and continue to occupy a place in the market.

Feeling the rise of outdoor sports, to satisfy people’s yearning for nature. This time “BW’S” will liberate the common sense of Sokeda.

Sand Man Grey

And use “Wild Survivor” as the development concept, in terms of modelling. It expresses the indestructible imagery with powerful silhouettes and features. 

At the same time, it is also equipped with original optional accessories to maximize the carrying capacity of the vehicle by using multiple body spaces.

Night Grey (Extinction)

In terms of performance, it adopts a new generation of “BLUE CORE” engine. And through the power performance brought by the water cooling system.

Variable Valve Actuation (VVA), is the most reliable support for every adventure that travels through the mountains and forests.

Grass Field Green

To provide car owners with more peace of mind. To improve the stability of low-speed driving on the paved road, chocolate tires are selected as the original tires.

Together with “BW’S”, liberate your body and mind, explore the spirit of wild fun. And experience the new driving pleasure brought by primitive desire.

* “BLUE CORE”: A series of new-generation small engines developed by Yamaha with the concept of environmental protection and driving pleasure.



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