Yamaha Taiwan uncovers 125cc Vinoora scooter

 Yamaha Taiwan uncovers 125cc Vinoora scooter

Yamaha Taiwan has unveiled a small displacement Vinoora scooter in two variants. The standard Vinoora and Vinoora M.


Both the variant gets 125cc- air-cooled four-stroke single-cylinder 2V motor.

We don’t see much difference between the two variants apart from the seat height the Standard variant comes with 745 mm seat height.

While the Vinoora M comes with 755 seat height. The specs remain the same.


Aesthetically the scooter comes in retro shape with the front having two LED headlights, similar to a robot.

Plus the double ring eye-catching taillight looks cool.

The standard model comes in four different colours.

  • Aurora grey
  • Classic white

  • Retro green

  • Texture Blue and 

Variant M comes in one more colour British black or Dark Gray.

The scooter is light and weighs just 94 kgs. For mobile charging, there is also the presence of USB charging.

The scooter gets a cook mileage of 57.7 km/l.


And then there are a host of accessories.

  • Protection frame
  • Rear grip and
  • Front panel plus a sideline trim.

As far as power figures are concerned, Yamaha has not unveiled them.


Price of the standard model is 17,900 yuan ( Rs 1,94,839 ), and for M version it is 18,700 yuan (Rs 2,03,485).

If Yamaha wants to bring Vinoora in India time will tell.


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Akash Dolas

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