Is Aprilia planning to bring the Trike?

 Is Aprilia planning to bring the Trike?

Just when you see the Aprilia getting into the mid-layer sports and adventure segment with RS 660 and Tuareg 660.

Three-legged Aprilia now this is going to be interesting. Aprilia these days has been at the forefront of innovation. 


The leaked patent drawings show Aprilia is in an advance stage working on what we could see as Trike.

Now, this is a straight rival to Yamaha Niken. There are considerable dissimilarities however the patent comes close to Aprilia’s Mana 850 having 839.3 cc 90° V-twin engine.

Mana 850

Not entirely but needless to say the front cues of the patent also comes from the Piaggio’s MP3 scooter. 

However, Aprilia can borrow linkage system and suspension from the MP3 scooter. We also don’t see due to coronavirus Aprilia may bring this late. As multiple motorcycle manufacturers have already started there operations.

MP3 Scooter

It will be now interesting to see how other motorcycle manufacturers react.

Notable among them is we would like to see Kawasaki’s reaction as Kawasaki always has thrown the enticing teasers of J Concept.

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Akash Dolas

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