Honda is undoubtedly trying to think more and Honda will have to believe as its Japanese rivals are already in the electric race.


Last EICMA we saw Kawasaki unveiling their electric project.

The faired electric bike for which Kawasaki had unveiled multiple videos as well. 


The design looks very close to Ninja 650 although displacement wise this is a large segment.


Suzuki too has filed the patent for its electric motorcycle. Well there could be many but this specific patent talks about the electric motorcycle frame.


Yamaha does have the electric scooters E01 and E02 which is in 125cc segment. And for Yamaha, we believe using the same platform for a 125cc bike may not take time.


Coming back, Honda has filed a 125cc class segment for an electric motorcycle.

And before a few days, the pictures of the patent went viral on the Internet.

The structure looks similar to CB125R, and the chassis comes with the motor. There is no change in the bodywork as it seems very similar to the CB125R.

The drive is narrow to make more room for energy to be stored. Patent information is still under the wraps.

Well as the patent pictures show the model that looks similar to the prototype.

We are sure Honda is in the process to bring this in the production.

There is much space in the market for the small size electric bikes.

And we feel if Honda is successful in bringing it soon. It may well capture the small size electric bike market.

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