Kawasaki has released a new motorcycle version for a theme: Changing Foward.

We can see a 1.45-second video where the Japanese rider Shigeru Yamashita riding the H2 at the Bonneville Speed Week event. Also, the video shows Shigeru Yamashita himself talking about the H2.


Many renowned motorcycle manufacturers and riders take part in this event. The goal of this event is to break the speed record. 

The video also talks about various groups of Kawasaki Heavy Industries coming together to lend their helping hand.

The good part was the H2 achieved the new world record, and Shigeru Yamashita exploited all the raw power of H2. 

Kawasaki, in the past, has unveiled many corporate brand movies.

  • Doctor Helicopter version (theme: medical emergency), 
  • Gas Turbine & Gas Engine version (theme: energy), 
  • and Robot version (theme: drug discovery).

However, the present video has all the energy-packed and no doubt it is on the Boneville track. So you can always feel the difference.

* Current as of June 2020 (337.064 km/h [official record: 209.442 mph] marked in the P-PB 1000 class during Bonneville Speed Week 2018).

Source: Kawasaki

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