All around the world, the motorcycle scene, the custom sector and especially the universe linked to the Cafè Racer genre are considered a success of consolidated and constantly growth, accompanied by the multiplication of events such as exhibitions, rallies and competitions.

Among these, before in Europe and subsequently in Italy too, a kind of competition consisting mainly in one-on-one acceleration race has taken place. These competitions attract a large public thanks to the outline events (fairs and rallies) and the professionals in the sector love to take part to it because of the great media exposure they guarantee on social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

Championships such as the Sultans of Sprint at European level see special bikes on the starting grid. In these races what is important in not the performance, but the uniqueness and the style of the vehicles attending the races, and the unique skills of theriders, with a supercharged BMW motorcycle with volumetric compressor, one of the few special motorcycles to boast such a technical specification.



Sultans of Sprint Championship: Monza (Italy – 15.000 spectators at the last edition), Biarritz (France, at the “Wheels and Wave” event with 20.000 visitors), Spa Francoshamps (Belgium, new event), Glemseck (Germany, 24.000 visitors).

It is a European and national showcase of absolute prestige and in continuous expansion. The media exposure is guaranteed by field magazines that follow the various Championships, with constant updates on Instagram, Facebook and on dedicated websites.

Cafe Ricycles is looking for sponsorships. Contact me and I will provide you with all information about the project, the related promotion packages and the benefits that I can offer to brands, that desire to be partner of this wonderful adventure.


He is Rino Scala, founder of Cafe Ricycles, a well-known brand in the European customscene for some time. In is garage in Naples, custom-made motorcycles are built for a demanding clientele, who pays particular attention to the quality of the works and to the latest trends in technology and design.

He has been working in this industry for years. In recent time the custom motorcycle industry has seen the growth of attention by an increasingly large audience, arousing the interest of big motorcycle manufacturers but also of companies outside the sector (fashion, clothing, sport, show, etc.).

The events about custom motorcycles are more and more numerous and engaging. He has already organized a national exhibition event for two years, named Garage Buildoff, that attracts in the city the most important customizing workshops from all over Italy.


Full marks to Rino Scala for building this supercrazy 850cc BMW 4 valves sprintracer based supercharger. Well not only he has build on his own by putting a custom frame and a home made supercharged engine but he also rides this bike.

We dont often get to see such custom and we understand that Rino has put lot of efforts in building ‘ The Nervous ‘.

So we recommend everyone for every motorcycle enthusiast to see this bike in person.

Connect with Rino here.
You can find more information on Rino’s build ‘ Nervous’ here .
Photo Credits : Rino Scala 


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