Bimota is one of those iconic and influential motorcycle brands that does know how to stop your breath .When they bring anything on the motorcycle scene.

The illustrious collaboration between Kawasaki and Bimota is not only helping them build a close partnership. But in return, what we, as a consumer, see is the return of the classic neo-retro trend. 

We have seen in the last EICMA 2019 what these two brands are capable of building. As they brought Tesi H2 that not only was a sweet surprise to everyone but baffled a broad motorcycle audience.


Now that does mean Kawasaki and Bimota were working secretly on Tesi H2 even before Kawasaki getting hold of the stake in Bimota.

Another surprise well at least now we don’t see that as a surprise is KB4 that per Bimota. The prototype set to arrive in 2020 spring.

Our Plan

Original Rendering

We planned to change the paint scheme of this rendering. Our observation is Bimota’s typically come in Red, White, or Black paint scheme.

And we said to ourselves we would change that. The Bimota KB4 rendering that arrived had a typical red and white paint scheme.

Original Rendering  – Bimota KB4

Our Version

Our version comes with the paint scheme of Kawasaki that is there patented lime green paint. We wanted to look KB4 more classy yet modern, and that is what our artist aimed.

The lime green traditional Kawi paint is now in the place of the Red. The wheels get golden shade as well.

LivingWithGravity’s Version of Bimota KB4

We all know the new KB4 arrives with at least a power of 140hp, and Kawasaki will help build the electronic package of KB4.

While the new version is set to put motorcycle scene on fire it will also give classic retro taste to the riders who love classic motorcycles especially Bimota.

Source : Bimota 

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