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Its official Bimota Tesi H2 gets 228hp of power

In one of the most significant collaborations in the history between two great motorcycle manufacturers .One builds the Italian cult motorcycles Bimota, and the other is Japan’s Iconic brand, Kawasaki.Kawasaki now has 49.9 percent shares in Bimota .And unlike all the Supercharged H2’s, Kawasaki has provided its technical support to produce a supercharger ‘ Tesi H2 […]Read More

Bimota KB4 gets our new apparel

Bimota is one of those iconic and influential motorcycle brands that does know how to stop your breath .When they bring anything on the motorcycle scene. The illustrious collaboration between Kawasaki and Bimota is not only helping them build a close partnership. But in return, what we, as a consumer, see is the return of the classic […]Read More

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