The massive 2021 Honda Forza 750 arrives

 The massive 2021 Honda Forza 750 arrives

Honda has teased the new Forza 750 since the second week of September; however, we have been updating you since last year.

It was last when Honda had filed a patent for the Forza 750 and then from September onwards it started teasing.

Honda now has unveiled the much progressive and energetic Forza with massive displacement.

The new Forza 750 carries two cylinders, DCT and gets 59 hp.

With Forza 750 arriving on the scene, Honda now has the sizeable displacement scooter in its lineup.

Which effectively means the Integra is no more and Forza 750 will take its place and then Forza 750 also wears the crown of being the eldest in the lineup.

Forza 750 offers the classic ingredients of Grand Touring (GT) road presence. 

To add further, it also provides comfort together with sporty, agile handling, lusty engine performance, premium design and feature-rich specifications.


The driving dynamics are all ensured by a 745cc two-cylinder engine mated with eight valves arranged in the in-line fashion.

In Europe, a smaller hp A2 variant too is available which gets 48hp.


Electronic Package

The electronic package arrives with goodies like three modes Sport, Standard and Rain. Throttle enables these three modes. For more safety Three-level traction control is available.

Ideally, the rider can completely switch off the traction control. The electronic package also comes with an automatic mode, and the rocker switch helps to shift the gears manually.

The performance data is still under the wrap apart from the 3.9-second sprint to 50 km / h.


The entire motor comes stacked in the steel tubular frame with rear swingarm made up of aluminium and supported by Pro-Link suspension strut linkage.

With six-speed gears, DCT is allowed to handle the dual-clutch transmission. The chain comes as the final drive.

Further at the front comes the 41 USD fork with the 17-inch front wheel and 15-inch wheel on the opposite end. With 17-inch front wheel are supported by 120/70 R17 tires and the rear we can see 160/60 R15 tires.

With ABS and on the 310 double disc brake four-piston, brake calliper comes radially mounted. And they handle the challenging braking duties. The entire structure weighs 235 kgs.

With 14.l litre fuel tank Forza ideally should travel 370 km.


The seat height comes to around 790 mm, which effectively provides plenty of leg space for the rider.

On the other front, the windshield is high and is more effective in protecting rider against the winds at high speed.

With enormous 21-litre storage space and a compartment, Honda has ensured the rider can always carry a helmet.

Well, this also comes with the USB port. Not to forget Honda has also provided a small compartment on the panel.

5 inch smart TFT dash allows the rider to pair the smartphone to go further the dash comes with the Honda Smartphone Voice Control System.

The rider can operate the voice control using buttons located on the left.

LEDs on the front and rear ensures the rider gets ample light to see in the night. 

The presence of hazard light, the smart key makes the Forza 750 more intelligent.


The new 2021 Forza 750 comes in four different paint schemes.

  • Graphite black
  • Matt beta silver metallic
  • Jeans blue metallic and
  • Candy chromosphere read

In multiple ranges, Honda has offered accessories, and they are luggage rack, heated grips, leg guards, top case. 


Honda has not unveiled the price of the new Forza 750; however, Honda Forza 750 price in India should be ideally close to Rs 5 lakhs.



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