Interview: Our Top 6 Questions to SC-Project

Interview: Our Top 6 Questions to SC-Project

SC-Project started its activity in 2004 and it is a factory specialized in the production and design of high quality and performance exhaust systems for motorcycles, both street, and racing ones.

The company is highly specialized in aftermarket exhaust system production and realizes full system and silencer using the best material like titanium, Inconel and carbon fiber. It is also equipped with vanguard machinery that allows the factory to keep a very high qualitative standard.

SC-Project talks with us as we ask them Top 6 questions.

1. How do the SC-Project Exhausts differ from others?

SC-Project: The main differences are the very high quality, the made in Italy design and the know-how from the competitions, we are the only brand that puts at the disposal of the private customer the real replica of the Moto2 World Champion exhaust, the CR-T. Masterpiece and icon of the SC-Project racing range. Not a street exhaust, but a real exhaust used in the world championship, a pure – World Champion exhaust.

2. What is the most challenging part while making the exhausts?

SC-Project: The Development and the prototyping step. After that, the most difficult part for street-use exhaust is the euro4 homologation, which requires a lot of time and several tests.

3. Do the exhausts for normal bikes and Moto GP bikes differ? If yes let us know how do they differ?

SC-Project: They are different, but not totally. In the world championship we use exhaust systems with titanium manifolds with thicknesses up to 0.5mm, while for sports road and track exhausts, the thickness of the manifolds is 0.6 or max 1mm, this guarantees greater lightness compared to the duration, which must be higher for common street installations.

4. Do SC-Project make custom exhausts?

SC-Project: We make them only for the best special motorcycle trainers and for special projects, not for the customer. When we develop an exhaust, we do not do it by chance, but using our experience and our workforce, which currently exceeds 80 people in a site of over 10,000 square meters on the outskirts of Milan. 

5. How are exhausts created?

SC-Project : The process is very long and complicated, but I resume it in: 3D creation of the exhaust; prototyping; the first version created with our CNC bending machines; installation on the bike and installation tests; bench tests; performance refinement; endurance test; prototype and industrialization of the plant with homologation phase.

6. How do we see SC-Project 5 years down the line?

SC-Project: We see the future of the company with many more World titles (we are joking!!!)… From 2015 it has been a long row of titles between Moto2 and MotoGP. We have technical supply agreements with the best teams in the world and as you know we have the luck and the honor of having the currently strongest driver in the world, Marc Marquez!

In addition to the “Racing” , we aim to enlarge the company and hire new people to strengthen our leadership both in the sale of road systems and in confirming and continuing to win world titles.

Credits : SC Project

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