It is only before few days TVS acquired Norton. However, the first step that comes from TVS is to reinstate the production at Donington Hall. 

That will allow the Norton staff to fulfil the pending orders.

And then it may happen they will move to a nearby location. Possibly a large facility that TVS has in mind to support there growth plans and strategy.


FT also talks about the new production plant that can build 2000 bikes in a year. Sounds interesting. And then slowly TVS also has plans to move the production out of the UK.

Now TVS appoints new interim CEO John Russell who earlier used to drive Harley Davidson. 

Profile of John Russell

  • He started his career in 1972 with Unipart in Automotive field.
  • In 1980 John moved to Peugeot Talbot Motor Co. He worked as a director in Marketing in the UK.
  • Russell then Moved to Land Rover as Marketing Director of Rovers responsible for Sales, production and marketing.
  • After BMW taking over Rover. Russel moved and joined Harley Davidson in 1998.
  • With Harley, Russell was given a job to increase the European market share.
  • Russell served as President from 1998 to 2007.
  • Russell later served as CEO of Manganese Bronze.

Now TVS is looking forward on appointing few other executives who will help Russell to grow Norton. He is right now appointed as interim CEO that does mean someone might take his place in future.

Given his profile, we feel TVS has the right man to do the job.

via: Motociclismo

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