How TVS will shape Norton?

How TVS will shape Norton?

The recent acquisition of Norton Motorcycles by TVS shows a confident move by Top Indian Motorcycle Manufacturer.

While TVS gets credit for acquisition and an opportunity to extend its capabilities, it will be essential to see how TVS shapes Norton in future?

The acquisition does show TVS is ready to splurge its cash reservoirs to bring back Norton’s past glory.

Keeping in mind the motorcycle market is both aggressive and competitive, we sure know TVS bosses won’t hesitate to build a strategy that will make Norton to come back and  be future-ready. 

Now does that mean Norton will bring electric motorcycles? Well, we feel it is the need on an hour, and TVS bosses have already given a thought.

While talking to the Financial Times, TVS, Managing Director Mr.Sudarshan Venu said:

“Norton is an iconic brand. We want to restore the brand to its former glories, produce the excellent products that it has, and delight its loyal fan base.

“It is vital that we take Norton into the future, in assisted riding, safety systems, and electric.

“Norton has always stood for the highest end of motorcycles, as many of these features are essential for taking the brand into the future.

“Norton focuses on a customer group that is in the super-premium category. Our idea is to back it up with the required investment,”

However, the first step that comes from TVS is to reinstate the production at Donington Hall. That will allow the Norton staff to fulfil the pending orders.

And then it may happen they will move to a nearby location. Possibly a large facility that TVS has in mind to support there growth plans and strategy.

FT also talks about the new production plant that can build 2000 bikes in a year. Sounds interesting. And then slowly TVS also has plans to move the production out of the UK.


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Akash Dolas

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