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Currently, the 250cc and 350cc Indian bike market is on the rise. It is being rediscovered thanks to Indian and foreign manufacturers like TVS. Who has decided to put a new motorcycle with a 2-stroke engine in the field? 

Indeed, alongside the Apache RTR 180 and the Apache RTR 200. However, this bike is one of the new two-wheelers proposed by Bezzi.


TVS has revived the Norton with the growing interest in biking. A few years ago, in the hypothetical range of a new small single cylinder for the domestic market where the sector is in a big push. It will not want to leave an ADV version for the Commando series predicted some time ago.


Norton is a brand that has had relatively few cultural references, especially in recent years. There’s the classic analogy of an English gentleman compared to a Norton motorcycle: refined, elegant and robust.

For the new Norton Commando 350 ADV (also called Commando Scrambler), Bezzi decided to create a concept that joins forces with the culture of modern custom crafts. These two worlds are opposite but are well combined in this version.

How will the motorcycle be?

The parts that stand out right away are the 19″ tubeless rims for the front and 18″ for the rear. Together with very pronounced tread tires. 

Combined with the golden rims and aluminium mudguards. These elements give it a retro-leaning look reminiscent of those bikes that travelled all over the world during the ’70s. Especially if we add the long windshield very popular in Asian countries.

Developing a motorcycle capable of passing the MILES (Military Standard) tests is not only in the open-mindedness of a designer’s mind. It requires tough and sophisticated technical choices to be implemented.

Multiple characteristics make a bike in the 70s fascinating. The period where most bikes were built out of solid blocks and perfectly balanced on a single-cylinder.And the period where the Norton Commando is considered one of the essential racing machines.

The Commando 350 ADV is a western concept. It will blend in India with a slight twist of economics, performance and comfort.


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