Moto Morini is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer and brand based in central Italy. Since 1937, Moto Morini has been a pioneer in producing two-stroke motorcycles. The first models arrrived from the steel duplex swingarm design. 

From 1980 onwards, Moto Morini changed its strategy from producing simple. And inexpensive motorcycles to manufacturing high-performance road machines based on racing technology. 

The company has a wide range of tourers, on/off-track motorbikes.And limited editions of which only a few hundred are manufactured.



The Italian motorcycle manufacturer is introducing a unique variant of the X-Cape 650 adventure bike. To expand its portfolio for the 2022 season, in honour of its 85th anniversary. 

Moto Morini calls it the Gold Wheels Edition.Which is based on the mid-range X-Cape 650 adventure-tourer and carries over practically all ADV qualities.

Gold Rim Edition

Moto Morini unboxes the gold rim edition of the popular Morini X-Cape ADV. 

This unique Gold Wheels Edition is centred around a black cast aluminium or black wire-spoke rim. Both of which have been treated with a special gold coating – giving them an even more luxurious appearance. 

The Moto Morini X-Cape Gold Wheels Edition. Has everything you would expect from an ADV.Wide handlebars, high ground clearance, ADV tires and a “hugger” motor.


Performance specs

It arrives with a 649cc parallel-twin, eight-valve engine calibrates to make 60 horsepower at 8,250 rpm and 42 ft-lbs of torque at 7,000 rpm. 

Moto Morini claims the top speed of 108 miles per hour and the Bosch electronic fuel-injection system. 

Adjustable Marzocchi fork, steel tube trellis frame gets support from Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tires with Brembo performing braking duties.

85th Anniversary

Called the Gold Wheels Edition and designed to commemorate its 85th anniversary. And the brand’s next five years under Chinese ownership. It features gold wheels and numerous other premium features. 

The announcement is perhaps not surprising given. Moto Morini’s recent focus on showcasing its more expensive models at certain shows. 

The Gold Wheel Edition arrives at 7,690 Euros ($8,690 ). 200 and 500 Euro more than the black wire rim and cast-aluminium rim versions.

via Moto. it

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